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Get experience-backed support to help you recruit and retain diverse talents, upskill and empower your employees, and boost your employer branding.


Help employees grow professionally and personally, and help create a network of women through unique training programs.



Enrich your company’s culture and attract diverse talents through branding, training, community, and more.



community members working in leading tech companies (90% women engineers)


graduate talks, most leading to additional speaking gigs


registered industry experts in the Speaker Platform


monthly visits to the Women on Stage website

Why sponsor us

Why sponsor us? 

Boost your employer branding

Collaborating with Women on Stage, and having experienced women speakers representing your company and the technical challenges they face at work, can boost your company’s reputation. Your company will be perceived as an interesting, positive workplace, and positioned as a supporter of gender diversity, both internally and externally.

Be part of the change

Increasing women's visibility on stage inspires more women to share their unique stories with the tech community, and ultimately encourages more women to step up and lead the industry. By joining us, you get to make a true impact on the tech ecosystem and society as a whole.

Support recruitment & retainment

The best minds in tech are looking for companies with a commitment to social initiatives, both locally and globally. The value your employees will get can contribute to their satisfaction and help retain your top talent. And since Women on Stage has significant reach, its brand acts as a stamp of approval among experienced women professionals.

Get superb, high-quality content

Our expertise in producing amazing content, training technical speakers, and helping them bring their incredible talent to light is something you can leverage, too. Thanks to our deep understanding of the target audience, we’re able to create incredibly engaging, professional, and inspiring concept events for the entire tech ecosystem. Our sponsors get the added value of branding, product visibility, and more.

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Trusted by

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Raviv Gurtensten
Director of People Brand & Experience
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Working with Women on Stage was an amazing experience for us which contributed tremendously to our organization. We participated in 3 different rounds of the Technical Speakers Academy and our employees have gained so much from participating, even long after the course had ended. We'll definitely keep sending our employees to future rounds as well, and keep supporting Women on Stage activities, conferences, and events. We strongly believe in the Women on Stage values, and we’re proud to have our name and logo alongside their brand. Can't wait for future courses yet to come! 

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-17 at 15.07.29.jpeg
Michal Brosh
VP People, Ex VP HR, 
Skai_Logo_2021_All_Black (1).png

As an HR who strongly believes in the importance of employees’ professional development and  personal growth, and as a leader in the public speaking domain, I know the true power of communicating your ideas and professional work with confidence, loud and clear.
As a person who’s aware of the gender discrepancies within the tech industry, I feel like
this can be of value to everyone, and to women in tech in particular. 
Ever since I first heard of Women on Stage’s work, I knew I wanted to invite their team to come to the Skai offices and organize an onsite speaker training program for our employees. The program was fun, super professional, highly practical, and most importantly, its influence lingered on since the participants still get selected and rock the stage at major conferences, while boosting the company brand. I highly recommend collaborating with Women on Stage!  

Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 22.49.21.png
Miri Bar Nathan
Content Marketing Director, Ex Global Employer Branding & Communications

In the past two years Taboola has been working with Women on Stage as part of our agenda to attract more women into R&D. This is part of a marketing strategy to boost our employer brand in the eyes of women in the tech industry on their next journey. Since we started this project, we were able to increase the percentage of women in R&D from 19% to 34%, and participating in the course was a part of this success. We'll definitely continue our cooperation further on. Waiting for next time!

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-17 at 14.39.55.jpeg
Revital Ziv
Employer Branding Manager

I got the chance to work with Moran Weber and the team at Women on Stage for workshops and training several times over the past few years. The content was always highly professional and enriching. The training was interesting, engaging, and most importantly – practical and useful for the attendees later on, even long after the workshops had ended. Every time we worked together, the Women on Stage workshops always got rave reviews from all attendees and I will definitely keep this collaboration further on!  

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