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One-on-one focused speaker prep

Send your technical employees to conferences and events with confidence, thanks to one-on-one mentoring and training

Each and every one of your team members has the potential to thrive. But underrepresented minorities like Women and LGBTQ+ have become used to keeping quiet. Given the right support and guidance, they can become inspiring, strong, compelling speakers and thought leaders. 

Our one-on-one speaker prep sessions were designed to offer focused support and guidance. By drawing on our own experience as women and technical speakers, the Women on Stage team takes aspiring speakers on an empathetic journey to great things, helping them prepare or apply for a specific speaking gig. On top of their support and guidance, the team will be there to offer their help with locating appropriate CFPs, picking applicable topics, editing conference applications, and preparing the presentation. Then, they will listen to dry-runs and provide priceless feedback to ensure the presentation is a raving success.

These prep sessions can give any team member the confidence they need to represent themselves - and your company - in technical conferences, meetups, and other professional events.

To learn more, read our speaker testimonials.

The Women on Stage offering is fully inclusive to all genders: Women, LGBTQ+, and allies.

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