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 Technical Speakers Academy 

 Go From Beginner to Keynote Speaker! 


We created a full training program, one of the first of its kind,

dedicated solely for

Training Technical Women as Professional Public Speakers at conferences from A to Z!

Our goal is to empower you, build your confidence and kickstart your speaking career, by giving you the right tools to share your stories with the world. Our students' unique voices, ideas, skills, and technical knowledge helps fuel the next generation of thought leaders!

Our course is led by professional world-class speakers followed by small groups of practical mentoring sessions. 

By the end of the course, each participant will build, polish, and present her own talk at an online Tech Conference, after getting tailored personal feedback and a boost of confidence to be on stage! Our top graduates will also enroll as speakers on our platform, allowing event organizers to invite them to speak at their next event. 


75% of our graduates got further speaking gigs in the first 2 months after the ending conference and their videos had been viewed more than 3000 times!


Course Topics - You'll Learn

How to build professional technical presentations and deliver them online

How to craft your unforgettable talk's abstract and personal bio

How to boost your personal brand and communicate your unique attributes

How to overcome that stage fright and impostor syndrome

How to use the magical influence of storytelling for ANY message

How to win the hearts of your audience

Meet Our Past Instructors:


Chief Awesomeness Officer at EventHandler, Dev Communities Manager, DevRel consultant, international tech conferences organizer and producer (such as AngualrUP, React Next, Node.TLV, React Week NY and more), proud cat-mom, and knows how to use the oxford comma.

Book her here!

Nur Lee Harel
Chief Awesomeness Officer @ EventHandler
Moran Weber - Picture.JPG

Moran Weber is the CEO & Founder of Women on Stage platform and the mastermind behind this Women Speakers Academy Course.  
She’s formerly Tech Lead at Wix with 10 years of experience in software development, and also a Social Psychologist, holding an MA in Social Psychology, along with a BSc in Computer Science and Psychology from Tel-Aviv University.
Moran is deeply committed to promote and encourage women in the Tech industry; She's the 'Women in Tech Forum' meetup series Co-Founder and the author of the viral essay "How to attract more women" which inspired many.

Book her here!

Moran Weber
CEO & Founder of Women on Stage
Avital bio square - Avital Tzubeli.jpg

Avital Tzubeli is a passionate storyteller and tech storytelling trainer. She believes that any boring content can be turned into a magical fairytale. Avital began telling stories in NYC, and has since spoken on stages in Stockholm, Dublin, Tokyo, Brussels, and throughout the USA. A software engineer turned developer advocate, now at Vonage, Avital loves empowering developers to build epic stories and share them with the world.

Book her here!

Avital Tzubeli
Tech Storytelling Coach
RotemShavit - Rotem Shavit.jpg

Founder and CEO of TalkMaster - school for lecturers and public speaking. Highly experienced lecturer and speakers' mentor. Has given thousands of hours of lectures and workshops. Specializes in storytelling, message conveying and adding spice into presentations.
Major in the IDF reserves, MA in Organizational Development, BA in Psychology, Diploma in Positive Psychology, NLP and Phototherapy.
Previously founded a photography studio specializing in portraits. Guided and led extreme excursions to Lapland and Burma.

Book her here!

Rotem Shavit
CEO @ TalkMaster
Donna Griffit - 1.jpg

Donna Griffit, Corporate Storyteller, has worked globally for over 15 years with Fortune 500 companies, Start-Ups and investors in a wide variety of industries. She has consulted and trained clients in over 30 countries, helping them create, edit and deliver verbal and written presentations, pitches and messages. Donna has the ability to magically spin raw data into compelling stories that captivate audiences and drive to results. Through her guidance clients have raised over half a billion dollars. To learn more, visit

Book her here!

Donna Griffit
Corporate Storyteller
Dafna Mordechai.jpg

Dafna Mordechai has extensive experience in designing, implementing, and testing software systems on various architectures, from microcontrollers to high-performance computing systems.
She is passionate about technology and love sharing her knowledge with others by giving lectures, tech-blogging and taking part in meetups and other tech related events.

Book her here!

Dafna Mordechai
Low Level Software Engineer
Tamar Twena-Stern.JPG

Tamar Twena-Stern is a software manager and architect. In the past, she was a group leader, an architect, a coder and a CTO. She is also a known public speaker in the Node.js field, and a moderator in several international conferences. She has over a decade of software engineering experience in various technologies: Server side, big data, mobile, web technologies, and security. 

Book her here!

Tamar Twena-Stern
Backend Group Leader 
Uri Nativ.jpg

Uri Nativ is the CPO and co-founder at Torii, a SaaS Management Platform. Uri has been leading world-class product and engineering teams at cutting edge multinationals for the last 18 years. Uri founded the Klarna Engineering center in Tel-Aviv and directed key teams at VMWare, EMC, nLayers and Sanctum.

Uri Nativ
CPO & Co-Founder @ Torii
Miri Rodriguez.JPG

Miri Rodriguez is a globally recognized Storyteller, Head of Global Internship Program at Microsoft and author of Brand Storytelling. She is a creative journalist and content strategist, evangelizing brand narrative and showcasing how thought leaders can leverage storytelling techniques for culture activation and influence in the digital age. Miri has earned several awards in digital marketing and customer experience and is ranked as top in-demand speaker at leading industry conferences around the world. Miri brings 15+ years of expertise, valuable industry and consulting insights. Her biggest accomplishment to date is being a mother of 2 boys and an American Bulldog. She can proudly run in heels, and ice cream is her superfood.

Book her here!

Miri Rodriguez
Head of Global Internship Program @Microsoft
Dalya Gartzman.jpg

Dalya Gartzman is a mathematician at heart, an algorithmacian in practice. After receiving her MSc. in math from TAU Dalya ventured into the data science and algorithms domains, glad to discover that the real world is at least as exciting as the abstract.
Dalya works as an Algorithms Engineer at SiteAware, where she applies both her theoretical and practical passions.
Founder and co-organizer of Algorithms Israel Meetup, co-organizer of PyData Tel Aviv Meetup, mentor at Baot.


Book her here!

Dalya Gartzman
Algorithms Engineer @ SiteAware
Dona Sarkar.jpg

Dona is convinced that working in an organization doesn't mean you need to turn into a corporate drone, obey your village elders, track your work in that tool, and risk dying of boredom. Instead, she believes that it's absolutely possible to win in the corporate world while still being YOU. How? By practicing the ancient art of Intrapreneurship.

She spends her days heading up advocacy for the Power Platform at Microsoft, a product specifically designed for intrapreneurs!

She’s been in the tech industry for over a dozen years. Her favorite, FAVORITE job is being a bossy big sister to thousands of amazing humans who want to #DoTheThing. Find out more at


Dona Sarkar
Leading Dev Advocacy @ Microsoft Power Platform
Simona Cotin.jpeg

Simona Cotin is a web developer with a passion for teaching. She spends most of her time tinkering with JavaScript in the cloud and sharing her experience with other developers. As a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, Simona engages with the web community to help create a great developer experience with Azure. She loves shipping code to production and has built network data analytics platforms using Angular, Typescript, React, and Node.js.

Simona Cotin
Cloud Developer Advocate @ Microsoft

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