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Grow from R&D senior to keynote speaker with the Technical Speakers Academy

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About the academy

Have you ever...

Dreamt of having the confidence to speak at those conferences or meetups? 

Wanted to share your skills and knowledge with your colleagues and the world?

Wondered if you could put together a conference-worthy talk and presentation?

Wished you could overcome your fear of public speaking and step up to the stage?

You’re in the right place.

The Women on Stage Academy is the perfect safe space for you to grow your technical public speaking skills and bring your talent to light.

A unique and comprehensive training program, created to turn R&D professionals into star public speakers.

Get you all the tools you need to speak at tech conferences worldwide, become a thought leader, and accelerate your career.

This isn’t your friendly neighborhood public speaking training


Most public speaking courses focus on presentation skills and body language, but neglect the bigger context. The fact is that gender diversity on tech stages is still an issue, and it’s not because women lack the skills to do it.

The Women on Stage Academy program targets those hidden factors that keep us from stepping up, taking participants through a journey of empowerment and learning. Our instructors’ technical domain knowledge lets them enhance the lessons with valuable tips and advice and even suggest the right jargon. The results speak for themselves: Almost every single participant gets a speaking gig within 2 months.


Are you going to be the next keynote speaker?


“Just this week I got accepted to talk at Amazon’s annual data conference. I almost chickened out… But I remembered what I learned in the program, and it made me feel that much more confident that I can do this.”

BI Engineer @ Amazon

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"The lectures were amazing. I wish every woman would watch them. Putting yourself out there and stepping out of you comfort zone is so important. If we don't promote ourselves, no one will do it for us."

Data Scientist & Researcher


By the end of the course, you will have…

A big boost of confidence, so you can step up to any stage and share your knowledge with the world.

Your own complete tech talk, honed with tailored, personalized feedback from your tribe members or our expert instructors.

A chance to apply to speak at leading tech conferences and meetups worldwide.

The best graduate talks will be selected for our in-house conferences and events, and featured on our virtual platform for global visibility.

What will you learn?

Overcoming stage fright and impostor syndrome on all of life’s stages

Finding the perfect topic to talk about

Getting accepted to major tech conferences worldwide

Becoming a technical storyteller and turning complex concepts into exciting stories

Hooking your audience and capturing their attention

Presenting code and data in a professional, accurate way

Designing beautiful, thought-provoking presentations

Becoming a thought leader and finding your unique voice on social media

Leveraging the power of AI to create incredible tech talks

Recording and presenting your talk online

What will you learn
Nir Orman
R&D Manager
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Women on Stage was an eye opening experience for me; Since graduating, I’ve achieved significant milestones. Recently, I was offered an opportunity to speak about AI at a live conference with over 200 participants. Additionally, I set up an internal community for women at work, empowering them to find their voices and take the stage. It's incredible to witness such meaningful consequences. As more women step onto stages, we can expect more conferences to be driven and led by women.

Here’s what you’ll be getting…

10 two-hour professional training sessions, with everything you need to know to take the stage in tech, from A to Z.

A polished tech talk and presentation, ready for future events.

A branded online video recording of your final talk, featured on the Women on Stage online platform and on YouTube.

A polished title, abstract and speaker bio you can use as you apply additional speaking opportunities: tech conferences, meetups, podcasts, and more.

A branded personal speaker banner for your talk.

An alumni speaker profile on the Women on Stage Speaker platform.

A graduation diploma and certificate badge you can share on LinkedIn.

Your own “tribe”, a small, supportive group of global peers and tech leaders who will share this journey with you.

Special alumni perks, such as priority access to exclusive public speaking opportunities.

  • How does it work?
    Sessions take place online, with participants from leading tech companies and startups across the globe. Throughout the program, our team of instructors helps participants develop a toolkit to become top voices in their field: Confidence, speaking and presentation skills, content development, and more. The program contains a unique combination of live virtual lectures from world-class tech speakers, along with intimate small-group guided discussions and recitations (called Tribes). We’ve found that this holistic combo provides participants with all the experience and skills they need to step up to the stage. This is an exclusive program, and we reserve the right to only admit candidates who meet the required criteria. However, if you are part of our intended audience, we encourage you to set aside your impostor syndrome and apply. We usually have a long waiting list, so don’t wait until the last minute! Once you enroll, you'll be asked to complete a welcome form so we can tailor your experience. Note that by registering you agree to follow our Code of Conduct.
  • Who is this for?
    The program is meant for women+ working in tech, who aspire to share their knowledge through public speaking at tech events. Students should have experience in their fields, but no public speaking experience is required. Previous students in the program came from roles such as software engineers, software architects, R&D managers, VPs, CTOs, data scientists, data analysts, DevOps engineers, security specialists, QA engineers, UX designers and researchers, product managers, and product owners.
  • What’s the program structure and duration?
    The program takes place over 10 weekly sessions (10 weeks in total), alternating between lectures and tribes (recitation and group discussion meetings). Each session is expected to last approximately 2 hours. Throughout the program you will: Build and craft your own tech talk Work on weekly assignments and homework to facilitate your progress To ensure you get the most out of the experience, we recommend you plan to spend an extra 1-2 hours per week to your assignments.
  • What are tribes and how are they formed?
    Our team helps each participant in the program “find her tribe”: a small group of 5-8 women from a relatively similar professional background. Our team carefully matches every participant with her tribe based on her application form. Tribes are meant to further enhance your learning experience, through productive group discussions in a supportive environment. We’ve found that surrounding yourself with peers who understand where you came from is extremely helpful. They can empathize with you and provide valuable feedback about your ongoing work. Some of the tribes in our previous cohorts built meaningful connections and stayed in touch for years, lifting each other up over time.
  • How do tribe sessions go?
    During tribe sessions, participants take place in a variety of activities designed to enhance skills, facilitate personal growth, and build a community. Each recitation session has its own goals and instructions. In the bronze package, tribes get their guidelines and instructions before the session begins, and sessions are self-managed by the participants. In the silver package, each tribe is assigned a dedicated tribe leader from our team. This leader will be a trained, professional tech speaker, acting as a coach and facilitator throughout the entire program. From our experience, having a dedicated tribe leader can substantially improve your chances of getting accepted to speak at tech events. In the gold package, each participant gets a dedicated tribe leader and 2 one-hour 1x1 meetings with a trained coach from our team.
  • What makes the Women on Stage Academy special?
    This program is designed by women in tech, for women in tech. It’s based on our personal experience: We deeply understand the challenges women in R&D face when it comes to sharing their knowledge publicly. As this is a holistic program, our focus isn’t just on public speaking. Instead, we’re taking the time to do more: Build confidence, enhance morale, encourage peer support, and help our participants build great technical content – conquering personal and professional goals. The insights and skills provided in the program are valuable on all of life’s stages. To date, we’ve already trained more than 120 women in leading technical positions as certified speakers. Most started doubtful, then secured additional speaking gigs within 2 months of the program. This is a highly exclusive program, with a long waiting list and only 1-2 cohorts per year. Don’t miss your chance to join.
  • What language is the program held in?
    All lectures and recitations are held in English. Your final presentations should also be in English.
  • Can I choose the people with me in the tribe?
    We put a lot of effort into placing each participant in the best tribe for her. You may state any special requests on your application form, but we cannot guarantee to accept them.
  • Will sessions be recorded?
    No. Our sessions are being held live to foster optimal group dynamics, both during lectures and recitations.

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Anything we didn't cover?

Meet our trainers:

Previous students came from…

Course syllabus

Course syllabus

Total of 10 two-hour live online sessions

Session #1

Motivation and stage fright


Learn how to overcome stage fright and choose an ideal presentation topic

Session #2

Finding your voice


Get to know your tribe and discuss potential topics

Session #3

CFPs and tech conferences


Learn about tech conference sessions and how to write a great CFP

Session #4

Writing the perfect talk submission


Brainstorming and getting feedback about your CFP

Session #5

Storytelling for tech people


Learn how to create exciting stories from technological topics

Session #6

Finding your story


Get feedback on some critical parts of your talk and brainstorm for the rest

Session #7

Slides and spices


Learn how to create beautiful slides and present them professionally

Session #8

Crafting the perfect presentation


Practice presenting your slides and get valuable feedback on your work

Session #9

Personal branding for R&D professionals


Discover your unique brand and learn how to show it on social media

Session #10

Talk dry run and CFP party


Go over your entire talk, discuss submission strategies and wrap up the course

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