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Mey is a Backend Software Engineer, a public speaker and a mentor.
When she is not spending her weekends coding games in Clojure or speaking at tech conferences, she experiments with algorithms OR learns languages such as Russian, Scala & Golang. Mey is also a sworn star wars fan. Mey the force be with you

Mey Maayan Beisaron

Backend Software Engineer
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English, Hebrew
Haifa, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Virtual Reality 2021: your chance to Rock!

General, Professional Development, Women in Tech, Soft Skills, Inspirational

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Giving a tech talk is never easy. Giving a tech talk over Zoom or Teams can be even harder.
How can you deliver an online tech talk that will be fun, informative, and will get your audience's attention - assuming they're like most people these days who spend most of their days staring at tiny zoom videos all day? Is that even possible? YES!
During 2020 I gave many tech talks over zoom and participated in many online conferences, and I am going to share with you what I've learned. I will share my insights about the audience of 2020, about the challenges of doing an online tech talk, and give tons of practical tips that will help you make a GREAT online tech talk.

Evolution 3.0 : solve your everyday problems with Genetic Algorithm

Backend, Software Engineering

When was the last time you wrote an algorithm to plan your diet? As programmers we do amazing things in our everyday job, but rarely do we use our knowledge at home. In this talk I will introduce genetic algorithms and share how I coded a genetic algorithm from scratch and used it to generate my weekly schedule and to create a smart diet planer. We will go through the different stages of the algorithm and understand how they affect the algorithm’s solutions. Let me show you a different side of genetic algorithms and you will discover a new way to solve your everyday problems.

Back to the Future: How 80s Arcade Games Taught me Clojure

Backend, Software Engineering

Who said games aren’t educational?
Learning a new programming language on your own is never easy, and you often find yourself stuck and frustrated.
In this session I will talk about how through developing a simple 2D game I was able to wrap my imperative mind around a functional programming language and learn Clojure.
Let me show you how your favorite arcade game can be an excellent tool to master a new programming language, ANY LANGUAGE.

Multiplayer online game in Clojure menace (Episode I)

Software Engineering, Backend

Writing a Multiplayer Online Game in Clojure - WHY??
Not only because you can do it in under 100 lines of code, but because it is just pure FUN.
I will go through each line of code and explain how you can do it yourself even if you’ve never written a single line of code in Clojure before!
Whether you’re a real Clojurian at heart or just interested in hearing a talk about games development in Clojure from a sworn star wars fan - this talk is for you :)

Functional Programming: Wrap Your Imperative Mind Around Clojure

Software Engineering, Backend

In this session I will talk about the main concepts of functional programming using code examples in Clojure.
Whether you've never written in Clojure before or you're just interested in hearing a talk about functional programming from a sworn Star Wars fan - this talk is for you!

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