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GLOBAL                  CONFERENCE 2023


#ML #GenerativeAI #JS #Cloud #CyberSecurity #DevOps #Diversity #CareerNavigation

 Wed, Oct 11th, 2023 | 6PM GMT+3 | Online

About the conference

This conference will showcase an incredible amount of talent from some of the best women leaders in the global tech scene, registered on the Women on Stage Platform. Our speakers will share their invaluable insights and skills and reclaim what it means "to code like a girl".  ​


The conference will focus on a variety of topics in various tech tracks, all contributing to our main theme, which is meant to inspire our community and make sure that our diverse and global audience will gain practical value and learn something new.

Join us, wherever you are, to learn from leading women across the tech industry all about:

#ML #GenerativeAI #NLP #JS #Cloud #CyberSecurity #DevOps #OpenSource #SoftwareManagement #VR #Diversity #CareerNavigation and much more!

All genders are welcome. Join us!

About the conference


Please review our Code of Conduct.
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OPENING WORDS - Code Like a Girl: If You Can See It, You Can Be It




Moran Weber

CEO & Founder of Women on Stage

Conference agenda

Women on Stage conferences

After organizing dozens of local events and conferences, we’ve decided to take things to the next level, and make sure the incredible voices of the women in our community are heard, loud and clear - EVERYWHERE.


The free global virtual tech conferences we’re hosting will feature some of the best speakers registered on the Women on Stage Platform, and make our superb tech content accessible, global, and on-demand.

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