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  • Backend Infrastructure Developer

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Riskified's Application Infrastructure Team develops tools and code libraries for our Product Team, supporting our real-time decision making flow and microservice architecture. The ideal candidate will have hands-on experience building real world systems with scale and latency in mind, as well as, debugging and monitoring complex distributed systems in a production environment.
    As a Backend Infrastructure Developer in the team, we will rely on your technology knowledge and your experience. You will take a major part in design and development of tools and infrastructure for our development teams.

    What You'll Be Doing:
    *Build and distribute software packages *Own the software infrastructure on which Riskified’s product is built
    *Translate application development requirements into scalable and robust software libraries
    *Take part in improving our microservice architecture and examine new technologies to enable it at scale
    *Take part in revamping our architecture and coding culture
    *Use and enhance our existing stack of Scala, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Elastic, Redshift, DynamoDB, Docker, Kafka, Kubernetes.‎

  • Fullstack Team Leader

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    As a Full Stack Team Leader in Riskified’s Applications group, you will lead a team of talented developers, working in a truly Agile environment where code is deployed several times a day and utilizing cutting-edge technologies.
    Your team is in charge of building and maintaining a variety of applications designed to help our research and operational teams to expand Riskified’s ecosystem, and make an impact on our business on a daily basis. Combining smart people with big data is a great starting point, but once you throw in well-crafted tools with beautiful, insightful data visualizations, there’s no limit to where you can go, or in our case - the clear leaders of our industry.
    We believe that our developers should take full ownership of their work: from the initial feature planning phase; choosing the right technologies, designing the code and architecture; coding; PRing; and all the way to actual deployment in CI/CD environment, as well as post-deployment monitoring.
    We also believe it is the team leader’s responsibility to empower their employees and allow them to work independently while helping them to make the right choices and maintaining the highest levels of code quality, helping them to really grow as individuals and uniting them into a cohesive team that works as a unit.

    We are looking for a true leader, someone who loves building applications: Whether it’s sitting with Product and Design to conceptualize the right product for our clients; Coming up with the best possible architecture and technologies for the specific requirements; managing the work in a truly agile environment; Maintaining the highest levels of production awareness including testing, bug management and post-deployment analysis; And working in collaboration with internal stakeholders as well as other development teams.
    Our Stack: Angular, Node.js, Scala, Python, Ruby, Postgres, Elasticsearch, AWS, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, CircleCI, ArgoCD.

  • Full Stack Engineer

    Raanana, Israel

    Torii is looking for a senior full stack software engineer to join our team, build new features and impact the future of our company.

    We are looking for passionate software engineers who get the job done and are willing to learn and do what it takes to solve engineering and product problems in order to create delightful products together.

    We're pioneers in the Serverless computing space, being one of the first companies to go 100% server free. In practice, this means more building, less maintaining.
    We love JavaScript (well, most of it...) and use it both on the front-end and back-end.

    The current tech stack includes:
    Serverless computing — utilizing AWS Lambda and AWS Gateway to the max
    MySQL and Elasticsearch
    Frontend — React, Redux and CSS-in-JS
    Backend — Node.js

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