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Our Story

Bringing women to the front

Women on Stage is a “profit with purpose” organization, providing a professional upskilling platform where women in tech can learn, network, and grow together. Our mission is to unlock women’s full potential to lead the tech industry.

We believe that increasing women's visibility – on the actual or metaphorical stage – will inspire more women to share their unique stories, skills, and knowledge with the entire tech community, and ultimately encourage more women to speak up and unlock their potential to lead.


How it all began

We started the Speaker Platform as a side project to make tech events more inclusive. We wanted to provide organizers with a large pool of highly qualified women professionals to choose from for their next event, since we've lost count of the times we heard organizers say, “there simply aren’t any women professionals that can speak on this topic” or “Women just don't apply”. We KNEW it doesn't have to be this way!


The Speaker Platform

We launched the Speaker Platform in May 2020 and achieved overnight viral success, already making it one of the largest databases in the world for women professional tech speakers with more than 900 women speakers from all across the globe.

All speakers on the Platform work in tech or tech-related fields, such as software development, software architecture, data science, R&D leadership, product management, UX, and marketing.


Since its launch, the platform grew organically, despite its launch coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, moving most conferences online.


Following the Platform’s launch, we realized there are thousands of extremely talented women working in tech worldwide, who shy away from the stage as they lack the tools to put themselves out there. We wanted to provide a safe, empathetic place to grow their technical public speaking abilities, so that they can bring their incredible talent to light.

But more than that, we were looking to give them the support in developing their confidence in speaking on all of life’s stages. We know that for minorities, it is sometimes just as difficult to speak up in office meetings as it is in front of a  major audience.

We launched the Technical Speakers Academy in November 2020. The program was designed from personal experience, putting the focus on confidence, morale, peer support, and building great technical content. Using a proven model, we’re giving participants the skills they need to become the next generation of thought leaders, both nationally and internationally.

Community events

We produced dozens of conferences and meetups aimed for women in tech and their allies. Our events (usually open to all genders!) include hundreds of engaging talks highlighting and celebrating leading technical women from all across the tech industry, showcasing top leaders from our Speaker Platform or our outstanding graduates from the Technical Speakers Academy


Our events feature impressive technical leaders, speaking about diverse topics such as Data / ML, Software Management, NLP, Product Management, Frontend, React, Backend, Cloud, Engineering Culture, Software Languages, Software Architecture, and much more.


Our community events are built to gain valuable insights, skills, and connections with like-minded peers, that can help you take your career in tech to the next level and professionally grow in a supportive and empowering environment.

Who we are

Women on Stage was founded in Israel by Moran Weber, formerly Tech Lead at Wix with 10 years of experience in software development. In addition, she is a Social Psychologist, holding an MA in Social Psychology, along with a BSc in Computer Science and Psychology from Tel-Aviv University.

In the past, Moran suffered from severe stage fright and impostor syndrome. Her path of overcoming these anxieties included stepping up to as many stages as possible, and becoming a renowned speaker and speakers’ trainer. Her unique background as a Software Developer, a Social Psychologist, and as a woman in tech drove her to embark on a mission to amplify women's voices everywhere

Our team also consists of dozens of partners, trainers, and mentors who relentlessly dream and help our vision come to life and rapidly grow.  
Join us to bring more women to the stage!

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