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Chief Awesomeness Officer at EventHandler, Frontend Communities Manager, DevRel consultant, international tech conference organizer and producer (such as AngualrUP, React Next, Node.TLV, React Week NY and more), proud cat-mom, and knows how to use the oxford comma.

Nur Lee Harel

Chief Awesomeness Officer
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English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Useful Tips on How to Become an International Tech Speaker

Soft Skills, Professional Development, Women in Tech, Community / Networking

In this talk, I will share some useful tips on how to take your first steps in becoming an international tech speaker, as learned from my experience as Frontend Communities Manager, and producer of various tech conferences in the past 4 years, such as AngularUP, ReactNext, Node.TLV and React Week NYC. We will talk about:
* Why should you become a tech speaker
* How to pick your talk topic
* How to make your talk even better
* CFP: What is that? Where to find them? Do’s and don’ts, and more.
* Self-branding as a tech speaker.

Optional addition for a longer talk (30-25 minutes instead of 15 minutes): Rules for building a good slideshow.

Personal Branding for R&D Professionals

Soft Skills, Professional Development, Women in Tech, Inspirational, Software Engineering

In our professional ecosystem, everyone needs a strong personal brand. A personal brand is more than a clever tagline, a vague elevator speech, and a professional profile picture. A Personal Brand is a deeper, more developed, and consistent narrative that conveys your value and creates lucrative opportunities. Solid personal branding is a key element in attracting the right people who will be your potential customers or employers and sets you apart from thousands of developers such as yourself.

In this talk, we will learn how to create our personal brand, and build the branding tools which will help us promote our brand and reach our goals.

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