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Onsite speaker & diversity workshops

Build your employees up with sessions on public speaking in tech events, dealing with stage fright, workforce diversity, and more.

Boost your employees’ confidence and show them they can achieve anything in these practical hands-on workshops. The Women on Stage workshops bring our best and most valuable skills and knowledge to your offices, in single sessions.

By drawing from our own experience as women-in-tech-turned-speakers, we created a wide offering to motivate your employees and help them find their voice. Invite them to learn about speaking on stage, successfully applying to tech conferences, storytelling, and more. Or enrich your talent pool by providing inspirational training on diverse hiring, leadership, and creating a gender-inclusive environment.

Each workshop is curated to match your company’s needs, and is led by professional, experienced speakers and hosts.

The Women on Stage offering is fully inclusive to all genders: Women, LGBTQ+, and allies.

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