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In-house communities (ERGs) for women in tech

Nurture your women technical employees by creating an inclusive, safe space for them to grow and develop their skills.

Make your company a space for empowerment, growth, and personal development for your underrepresented team members. Our professional team will help create a unique in-house community for your company’s women in tech. A place where participants can develop their unique skillset, share knowledge, and speak up in a nurturing environment.

In this step-by-step consultation, our team will work with you to set your goals, choose your community format, motivate your team to join, curate content for events, and much more.

Create a community to empower excellence, offer an opportunity for personal and professional growth, and increase retention. By offering both a physical space and a framework for meetups and events, internal communities bring employees together to create a sense of belonging. The community events will help your team bond together, inspire proactivity and confidence, and promote knowledge sharing and collaboration. 

The Women on Stage offering is fully inclusive to all genders: Women, LGBTQ+, and allies.

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