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Meetup as a service: Event & content preparation

Position your company as a thought leader with curated events, meetups, and conferences.

Lead an inclusive conversation by hosting technical conferences, meetups, and other events around relevant topics - with fully diverse panels and programs. Our team of experts will help you define a concept, then choose, coordinate, and prep the best speakers for you. We will also handle registrations, invitations, and event promotion - leaving you free to network and enjoy the branding hype. 

Thanks to our rich experience and industry connections, we can recommend the most fitting speakers from our network, and create interesting, inspiring concept events based on your strategic needs and branding. We will advertise the event to attract the right audience for your branding and recruiting needs. And if needed, we will also train technical speakers from your company to be featured in this event.

Once you choose your talks, we will take care of all content requirements and provide speaker support and prep sessions, empowering your speakers to deliver fascinating talks and sessions. 

To learn more, check out our events page.

The Women on Stage offering is fully inclusive to all genders: Women, LGBTQ+, and allies.

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