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Onsite speaker training program

Empower your employees with tailored technical speaker training designed for R&D professionals.

Give your employees the confidence to kickstart their speaking career. On the Women on Stage onsite technical speaker program, we take women in R&D through a journey of self-confidence. We understand their challenges - we lived them ourselves. And so we’re able to help them go from quiet participants to confident speakers.Our long-proven methods build participants up and help them realize their true value. With a combination of professional knowledge and one-on-one mentoring, we give them the skills to become confident thought leaders. And if they sometimes feel like they have nothing important to say, we’re right there to show them they absolutely DO.

The program is based on our proven speaker academy model, designed specifically for technical and R&D professionals. Each employee completes the course by presenting their fully-written, polished presentation in an internal conference. And their completed presentations are often submitted and accepted to other external conferences afterwards.

For more information, visit the Academy page.

The Women on Stage offering is fully inclusive to all genders: Women, LGBTQ+, and allies.

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