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Yael is a mechanical engineer by trade and a serial innovator by nature. Cofounding a NY based enterprise-solution startup at the age of 21, she learned the ins and outs of online software development and CRM products. After selling her part of the business, she returned to Israel to study at TAU and later completed her MBA at IE University in Spain.
She worked as a PM at IAI, engineering a perpetual solar UAV to patrol borders with zero carbon footprint. In 2011, she founded Green Flash, a manufacturing and e-commerce platform for innovating and sustainable consumer products. Green Flash was sold to a larger corporation in 2018. In late 2018, Yael accepted a role as senior PM and TL at Natural Intelligence.

Yael Arbel

Sr Product Manager
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English, Hebrew
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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


Entrepreneurial skills that PMs are missing and how to get them

Product, Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Women in Tech

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If we consider ourselves (PMs) as products, our lifecycle is dependent on our strategy. A good strategy starts with a strong vision, clear objectives, and measurable goals.
We’ll discuss product strategy insights for any PM looking to transition to entrepreneurship. We will review practical examples and examine guidelines that can be implemented in your current position that will help you make this change.
To start, we’ll review data reports about entrepreneurship and demystify some urban legends that might be holding you back. Maintaining optimistic foresight, you will identify your preexisting strong skills for reinforcements where needed.
Taking a sharp turn we’ll review the surprising skills that all PMs lack and how they can be obtained as part of your current role.
At the end of the talk, the PMs will have a better understanding of how to create their product strategy for an optimal PM > entrepreneurial lifecycle.

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Entrepreneurial skills that PMs are missing and how to get them







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