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Tatiana Zander is a Director Technology Innovation, responsible for innovation and thought leadership across Ericsson North America. She drives innovation and lab strategy across all operator and enterprise customers, while always looking for the next disruption.

Tatiana began her career as a software developer and has worked with all Ericsson business areas since. Originally from Germany, she has had assignments in four continents.
Tatiana earned a BSC in Scientific Programming from University of Applied Sciences Aachen, MSC in Operations Research and an Executive MBA from Maastricht University.

She currently serves on the Advisory Council of California State University East Bay. Outside of work, Tatiana is a former competitive gymnast and currently trains to complete a full Ironman.

Tatiana Zander

Director Technology Innovation
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English, German
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San Jose, United States
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Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


Strategizing Disruptive Technologies

Software Engineering, Data / AI / ML, Product, QA / Automation, Mobile, Backend

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Ever wonder what these tech buzz words are about? Blockchain, AI and ML, Quantum, and more? And what can they bring to my business?
Join the session to learn what are application areas for disruptive technologies and how they can impact top and bottom line of your business. See how they not only shape the telecommunications industry and 5G, but also touch every single aspect of our lives today, and increasingly so tomorrow.
The session will share some of these disruptive technologies, give example for concrete use cases and tangible returns. It will guide the audience to where to find application areas in their own organization.

How do I get more with less? How do I keep up with my competition? How can I write 1,000 lines of code instead of 10,000+? Technology is constantly evolving, and this is how you can keep up.

3 Key Takeaways
When do I use ML vs when is it too much?
How can Blockchain help me solve my automation needs?
What other disruptions are around the corner?

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Strategizing Disruptive Technologies







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