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Experienced, energetic, fast learner product innovation manager at Anthem digital division in Israel. Started my professional path as a product specialist, and as part of the job traveled to over 100 destinations worldwide to train clients. From a deep understanding of the products and pain points of users, I moved to a product manager position. After a track record of delivering results under tight schedules, and communicating projects across teams, I was promoted to a senior position. Highly technical with analytical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. Very confidant with global business and sales strategy, marketing, and presenting to stakeholders.

Shani Fargun

Product Innovation Manager and Business Development
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English, Hebrew
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Ramat - Gan, Israel
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Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


Be Creative! Innovative ideas for Biz Dev managers

Business Development, Women in Tech, Innovation, Professional Development, General, Product, Leadership, Inspirational

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You may have heard people say they work in ‘biz dev’ and though this is quite an ambiguous term. Although this phrase tends to mean something different to most people, everyone agrees that business development is key for business growth.
There couldn’t be anything more creative in business. Looking for the latest trends, try them out and figure out the winning strategy is very rewarding.
For most of the people out there it’s just sales. For some others, it’s just marketing.
For me - it's all about creativity.
Find ways to reach out to your potential clients, ways to make your offer strong, and ways to preserve these clients over time.
In my talk, I will elaborate on the paths I have put together for the company I work for, and how it impacted our business.

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Be Creative! Innovative ideas for Biz Dev managers







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