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Nurit Peres is a product manager and UX lead for many years, with experience on a variety of products and platforms. Currently at HARMAN, Nurit is leading a cyber-solution for vehicles, to collect and analyze vehicle and IT data for monitoring, control and response. With a deep understanding of product management and User Experience, in the last 6 years Nurit is involved in products that are driven by Machine Learning, bringing innovation and vision to the product teams to improve customer experience and business outcomes.
Nurit is also a Google Expert, a mentor in Google Accelerator and an occasional speaker

Nurit Peres

Senior Product Manager
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English, Hebrew
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Herzelia, Israel
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Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


Improving the in-vehicle experience and security with an operations center

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The modern vehicle is like a sophisticated and connected laptop on wheels. With millions of connected and semi-autonomous vehicles on the road, OEMs will need a central system based on data coming from the vehicles and their perimeter. An operations center will enable OEMs to provide a smooth, secure driving experience to customers. This presentation will show how the automotive operations center is a critical solution for mobility services, proactive cybersecurity and incident management. With the increased importance of data and connectivity, the significance of allowing automotive situational awareness, security detection, feedback loop, forensic investigation, remote updates and incident response management rises as well. An operations center will enable OEMs to provide new services and support a smooth driving and riding experience for customers. (In Hebrew)

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Improving the in-vehicle experience and security with an operations center






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