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Senior Product Manager at Skai, with 10 years experience as a Product Manager and a few more as a Project Manager (and a theater producer!). Holds a MA degree in Mass Communication from HUJI. Her superpower is transforming chaos into order and helping others to do it, and is passionate about using this skill to make the world a bit better. When not PMing, she’s solving encrypted crossword puzzles and she’s a devoted bookworm.

Nira Niski

Senior Product Manager
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English, Hebrew
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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


Inbox zero - one list to rule them all

Product, General, Professional Development

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Imagine that you get to work in the morning, and in your inbox there’s a single email. One. This is the one and only thing that you need to do now. Can you imagine the feeling of relaxation, clarity and focus when you have one task to do? Now go back to your inbox. Don’t panic! What if I told you that you can get the same feeling of clarity and focus with your current task volume?

In the world we’re living in, we’ll always, always, have more tasks than time to do them, no matter how productive and efficient we are. How can we keep sane and happy in this world?

In this session, I’ll show a few easy-to-implement ways to enjoy stress-free productivity, inspired by David Allen’s GTD methodology. In short, the key is having all our tasks in one place - which is not our inbox, and I’ll show why! By doing so, we can have the right priority at all times. When we’re doing something and we know this is the right thing to do at this very moment, we can be present and pay all our attention to

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Inbox zero - one list to rule them all







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