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An avid enthusiast of agile ways of working, Nicola loves the way technology can enhance and transform the world around us. Nicola is often found working with a product and coaching focus to ensure agile teams focus on learning from their customers, collaborating successfully, embracing whole team quality and optimising for flow leading to delivery of high quality product into customers hands as early as possible.

Experienced speaker having given keynotes and track talks, plus led workshops at conferences across UK, Europe, USA and Australia. Topics have included: Agile Practices, Collaboration Methods, Compassion, Learning Styles, Quality, Security, Storytelling, Testing and Ways of Working.

Nicola Sedgwick

Lead Agile Coach
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Reading, United Kingdom
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Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


The security issue that killed a financial product launch

Security / Privacy, QA / Automation, Inspirational

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The security issue that was missed by the professional penetration testers and security 'experts'.

Security issues can be identified using the stock-and-trade critical thinking skills of a tester. This was a product ready to go to market, a product that had passed all penetration tests and was now being handed to a crowd of external testers for a final attempt to 'hack' the product. A year of work had gone into the product, so this was seen as simply a formality.

In this Keynote talk, you will hear Nicola Sedgwick's experience of taking part in a security bug hunt for a new financial product.

Against all the client's confidence Nicola was able to 'hack' that product and use funds to which she should not have had access. The client's arrogance meant they simply couldn't believe that their product was not only vulnerable, but so vulnerable that it could not be launched.

The sad reality is that this was preventable by employing better quality and security processes during development.

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The security issue that killed a financial product launch







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