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With 3 years of experience as a Mobile Developer and an additional 3 years as a Mobile QA, Liat Netach brings her expertise to the table. Holding a BSc in Computer Science from HIT with honors, she is committed to doing things the right way, avoiding surprises and aiming for the best results.

In addition to being a huge Harry Potter fan, Liat's day-to-day job involves collaborating with the FED team and utilizing serverless as a common package between them.
Her dual roles as a developer and a QA in the mobile field, combined with her dedication to perfection, have motivated her to explore and share insights on this topic.

Join her as she shares her knowledge and experience to walk you through the complexities of the mobile deployment process.

Liat Netach

Mobile developer
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English, Hebrew
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Rishon LeZion, Israel
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Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


From One Commit or More, to a Published App in the Store

Mobile, Software Engineering, Frontend, Backend

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Imagine you've just released a huge and an exciting feature.
Everyone is happy, you're having a party, and even opening a champagne!
However, the joy is short-lived as, an hour later, you're alerted about a critical bug affecting many users. Oh no! Picture the frustration when it takes a week to release your fix.
"Wait, what? Why should it take a week?!" you might wonder.

The mobile releasing process is far more complex than you might think.
The scenario you just imagined? It's a plausible situation in the world of mobile clients.
When collaborating with a mobile team, there are some limitations you must consider in advance.
While deploying a frontend or a backend release usually takes only one minute, the mobile release process can take about a week (!).

In this talk, we'll go through the mobile release process from the minute we press the GA button to the moment the app is available on all stores.
We’ll understand the dependencies and some of the challenges we may encounter, including the roles of Apple and Google in this process.

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From One Commit or More, to a Published App in the Store







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