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Keren Corsia is a Data Platform Software Team Lead in the Infrastructure Engineering Group at Taboola.

For the past 15 years Keren has enjoyed developing code almost as much as she has enjoyed developing her team members. Before joining Taboola Keren was an R&D manager and led several teams across the world; in Israel, India and The Ukraine.

Keren is fascinated by the world of Scale and Big Data and especially by the business insights we can learn from it. She is passionate about leading her team, being part of the Infra R&D Leadership at Taboola, and taking part in developing innovative big data systems.

In her free time, Keren likes to spend time at the Pilates Gym, a place that combines Pilates and Strength practices. Or as her trainer likes to call it “Pilates on Steroids”.

Keren Corsia

Data Platform Software Team Lead at Taboola
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English, Hebrew
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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


From Big Data to Big Business: How to Turn a User Click Into Business Insight in 5 Seconds or Less

Data / AI / ML, Software Engineering, Backend, Business Development

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1.4 B unique users a month is a lot of data - and a lot of clicks!

Pushing data from these clicks, particularly revenue data, in real time to our customers enables them to build machine learning algorithms and improve their automated bidding systems which drives revenue growth for them and us. A classic WIN/WIN scenario which is one of our core business values.

When our Publisher customers reached out with a request to get revenue data faster, we decided to take on the challenge.

In this talk, I’ll provide a glimpse into how we approached the challenge by turning our customers into design partners. How we extended our existing data pipeline to successfully deliver a new high value product - one that provides them real time data in 5 seconds or less!

After this talk, you’ll know some more about real time data pipeline architecture, but mostly you’ll learn how to better connect to the business, go beyond the engineering environment and turn your customers into your partners.

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From Big Data to Big Business: How to Turn a User Click Into Business Insight in 5 Seconds or Less







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