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As a FemTech founder & experienced product leader for software- and AI-based solutions, Jil has worked in very competitive, fast-moving and often male-dominant environments. After struggling to find an employer she was excited to work for and learning about the health gender data gap, Jil is now building her own startup that develops remote-first concepts for gynaecology to stop medical gaslighting and to make healthcare for women more accessible & data-driven.

Jil Berning

FemTech Founder
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English, German
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Berlin, Germany
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Can also give an online talk/webinar
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Why I think we should all be more problem-focused!

Product, Leadership, Women in Tech, Professional Development, Entrepreneurship

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In the fast-paced world of tech and innovation, the mantra "Be solution-focused" often prevails. However, this mindset can lead to significant pitfalls. In my talk, "Why I Think We Should All Be More Problem-Focused!", I will explore the hidden dangers of jumping straight to solutions and how this approach can hinder true progress.

Emphasizing solutions can stifle problem recognition within companies. Employees may hesitate to raise issues without ready-made solutions, leading to unaddressed challenges. Rushing to find quick fixes often means solutions are implemented without a deep understanding of the underlying problems, resulting in suboptimal outcomes. A rigid focus on solutions can make teams inflexible, clinging to initial ideas even when better alternatives emerge.

As a product manager and now a HealthTech startup founder, I’ve learned that success lies in falling in love with the problem, not the solution. A good product manager maintains an open mind and deep curiosity about the problem space, essential for creating impactful products.

In this talk, I will argue that we need to change the narrative around problem-centric thinking. Rather than seeing it as a negative, we should celebrate it as the foundation of true innovation. By shifting our focus from solutions to problems, we open up a world of possibilities and pave the way for more thoughtful, effective, and adaptable strategies. Join me as I delve into why being problem-focused is not only beneficial but essential for long-term success and innovation.

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Why I think we should all be more problem-focused!







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