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Hannah is an experienced Medical Doctor and sub-specialises in women’s health. Hannah was previously an early employee at Babylon Health, the fastest growing health-tech start-up in Europe. She was part of the founding AI team and was a key member of the medical leadership team.

Hannah has co-founded a technology platform providing personalised support and guidance to women during their motherhood journey, via accessible expert and peer support and AI driven coaching. Hannah has lead the company from product conception through to launch and scaling throughout the UK, US and Europe.

Hannah is a women’s health advocate and speaks regularly on this topic. She has spoken internationally, most recently at the Web Summit in Lisbon and FutureFest technology Festival in London.

Hannah Allen

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London, United Kingdom
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Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


Women's health, Femtech,

Diversity and Inclusion, Women in Tech, Professional Development, Data / AI / ML

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It is time for change. Time to rethink everything we have been told to believe.
Motherhood is the most dangerous life event a woman can go through. We are seeing a record high in the morbidity and mortality rates amongst mothers worldwide. Circa 1000 women a day are dying every day due to preventable and treatable causes worldwide. Suicide is the leading cause of direct death amongst new mothers and up to 30% are suffering with postnatal depression.
Yet we live in a world where we drive autonomous cars, we can have robot companions and the internet of things can run our lives. We are so overly connected to our digital beings we are fragmented from society as a whole and this is causing a mental health epidemic in the developed world. The lack of care to develop R+D in women's health is exacerbating the global crisis we are seeing amongst mothers today, yet we have technology at our finger tips to radically change things for the better.

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Women's health, Femtech,






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