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Fullstack developer at, currently working on the monday workdocs product. Prior to that, I worked for a web project in the air force tech unit for three years - started as a QA, then became a QA team leader and in my last year joined the front-end team as a developer.
BSc graduated from Academic college of tel aviv.
I was always drawn to user experience, building and crafting products while putting myself in the user's shoes. The thing I love the most about my job as a developer is understanding the product and seeing the impact my features have on users.

Ella Milyavsky

Software Developer @
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English, Hebrew
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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


Own It - How Taking Ownership of Our Code Improves Quality and Motivation

Software Engineering, Inspirational

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The "IKEA effect" describes how people tend to value an object more if they make or assemble it themselves. The same thing applies to building features.
What does it mean to own a feature from end to end? How will a product look when it is programmed by developers who understand its value, compared to developers that don't?
Building a feature is more than just coding. It is a rich, dynamic, fulfilling process - and the developer, who eventually brings it to life - should be an integral part of it. It’s not just choosing the right components, but for instance, keeping track of your users’ behavior once in production.
In this talk, I’ll share a methodology that encourages ownership and the effect it has on the developer’s work. I’ll provide practical examples and tools we use that strengthen this user-developer connection.
I believe that the portion of knowledge and responsibilities developers are given over the non-coding parts of a project, has a major effect on the product's success and the developers’ motivation.

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Own It - How Taking Ownership of Our Code Improves Quality and Motivation







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