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I'm a software developer with previous experience in risk & data analysis, working in a fintech company.
I'm also a tech blogger at naomikriger.medium.com

I love programming, data, and everything in between.
I also love foreign languages, chocolate, and sports.

Naomi Kriger

Backend Developer
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English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


String Comparison In Real Life

Data / AI / ML, Software Engineering, Backend

A common problem faced by data analysts, data scientists, and many developers who need to analyze and compare data, is that texts are often similar, but not quite identical to one another.

This can result from the existence of multiple ways to say the same thing, typos and abbreviations, common yet unindicative words (such as "the") and punctuation, that can all skew the results.

During this talk, I will walk you through several methods to compare inexact texts, using different Python libraries and functions, cover the usages as well as advantages & disadvantages of each method, and tackle some commonly faced issues.

By the end of the talk, you should have a good basis to start comparing texts efficiently and elegantly in your code.

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