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Michal Ziso is the founder of ZISO, a studio at the intersection of architecture, innovation, space and human equality based in Tel Aviv; and a Space Architect focused on human experience.

A visionary architect practicing for almost a decade in Israel and NYC, Michal has extensive experience in skyscrapers and large scale urban projects. A graduate of the Technion, she also served in the elite IDF Intelligence Unit 8200.

She is a two time TEDx speaker (TEDxISU + TEDxJaffaWomen) a lecturer at prestigious universities and organizations around the world as well as a mentor, she talks about creative and flexible thinking, with a mission to create an environment fitting to all humans. Michal is actively working for diversity & human equality collaborating with the UN SDG and UNOOSA.

Michal Ziso

Architect, Founder
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English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


The Creative Journey of A Space Architect

Soft Skills, Professional Development, Design, Entrepreneurship, Diversity and Inclusion, Innovation, Inspirational, Product, General, Women in Tech, Business Development, Community / Networking

This talk is a taste of the unique journey of becoming a space architect, of the many a-ah moments, points of impact and dreaming big! It is based on Michal's TEDx talk at the International Space University in France.

The talk discusses 3 main points -
1. Why do you do what you do and how to define your niche / competitive edge?
2. What is the value in understanding the time we are living in?
3. How to shift point of view and to see things on various perspectives?

The talk touches on design, architecture, creativity, personalization and product fit, innovation through extreme conditions, diversity and of course thinking ahead into the future in space and what can we learn from it to benefit our very reality on our blue planet.

Breaking Patterns: Develop Creative Thinking to Solve Problems

Professional Development, Product, Design, Diversity and Inclusion, Innovation, Soft Skills, General, Entrepreneurship

Einstein once said that 'Creativity is intelligence having fun' - so why do we take our problem-solving process so serious?

The World Economic Forum (WEF) listed 'Innovation Professionals' as a rising future job. In this workshop, participants will learn techniques that will enable them to make the first steps towards becoming one!

Michal Ziso explores the affects of our surroundings on our behavior and the way we think and feel, raising the old question of nature vs nurture. Through the workshop, the participants will be encouraged to begin questioning their surrounding and their own creative decisions. By the end, they will be able to think so far 'out the box' they may forget there ever was a box, and even find themselves on a whole different planet..

This workshop answers:
1. Why innovation doesn't come easy?
2. How to overcome personal biases and fixations?
3. How to use creative flexible thinking to come up with innovative solutions

Equality Lessons From Mars - Manifest change through extreme situations

Soft Skills, Women in Tech, Inspirational, Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Design, Professional Development, Product

In this talk, you will gain a new perspective on your surroundings and the way you live your life as Architect Michal Ziso explores the affects of the built environment on our behavior and the way we think and feel. She raises the burning question - Why do we go through life never questioning if our built environment could be better suited for us and our personal needs? Can we get more out of the short time we get on this blue planet?

Discrimination by Design is a real and common design flaw, maybe the most common of them all, existing in architecture of buildings and cities, and also physical and online products, yet most of us don't even notice it.

In this talk, based on Michal's TEDxJaffaWomen talk Equality Lessons From Mars, you will learn how to begin questioning in order to promote change in an equality driven innovative way.

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