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Lucy helps drive security thought leadership and leads the technical and go-to-market strategy for security across the entire Red Hat portfolio globally. In addition, she helps create and deliver security related technical content to the field, customers, partners, analysts, and press and has spoken at numerous internal and external events, including security conferences such as RSA. Lucy has over 15 years of professional experience as both a software and hardware development engineer and a pre-sales solutions architect, where she worked on various aspects of cybersecurity. Lucy graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Master of Science (M.S.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Minor in Spanish.

Lucy Kerner

Global Senior Principal Security Technical Evangelist and Strategist
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English, Korean, Spanish
Washington D.C., USA
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Defend yourself using built-in Linux security technologies

Security / Privacy, DevOps, Backend, Leadership, Women in Tech, Product, Software Engineering, Innovation

In this hands-on workshop (also available to do virtually), you’ll learn how you can build defense-in-depth in the OS by implementing the key security technologies available to you in Linux. You will
ensure security compliance, implement network security, access management,
and data security to build a strong foundation to proactively defend against
possible security attacks and breaches. More details can be found in the lab documentation here:

Tackling security in the world of containers and hybrid cloud

DevOps, Security / Privacy, Backend, Innovation, Software Engineering, Product, Leadership, Women in Tech

In this session, we'll discuss some prescriptive steps you can take to tackle security successfully in the world of containers and hybrid cloud. Specifically, we’ll:

• Discuss how developers, operators, and security teams can improve security and compliance and achieve DevSecOps across a hybrid environment through automation, standardization, everything-as-code, and automated security compliance.

• Share DevSecOps lessons learned, including best practices, techniques, and tools that can be used to improve security while reducing the workload of security professionals, developers, operators, and managers.

Improving Security and Compliance in Hybrid Cloud with Automation

Security / Privacy, DevOps, Backend, Innovation, Software Engineering, Product, Leadership, Women in Tech

Automation can help you streamline daily operations as well as integrate security into processes, applications, and infrastructure from the start. In fact, fully deploying security automation can reduce the average cost of a data breach by 95%, but only 16% of organizations have done so. In this session, you will learn how a consistent automation strategy across the infrastructure operations, application, and security operations center can help improve security and compliance.

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