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Laetitia is international Tech Entrepreneur living between Paris and New York.
As an entrepreneur, she is passioned in developing new businesses from the idea to the scale-up, engaging the company’s shareholders, team members, partners and customers – with the culture, the vision and the strategy of the company.
She served as board member at INRIA, advises start-ups and acts as a mentor for women entrepreneur in technology.
In 2007, she founded Connecthings, a Smart City IOT software company and in 2018, she re-imagined the company’s business model and executed a strategic pivot, rebranding the company to Herow. As the CEO, Laetitia raised a total of $ 19 M with European VC funds.
Laetitia has developed a strong expertise in mobile and digital technologies, data privacy and AI.

Laetitia Gazel Anthoine

CEO Exec Board member
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English, French
PARIS, France


How to transform you company and engage every shareholder, in the most effective way using Tech Company Methods, Enterpreunership Spirit and Inspiring Values?

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Women in Tech

The talk is dedicated to medium to big companies that want to perform a strategic pivot.

First, the presentation will deal with the importance to create a vision, define value, set a culture: Create a culture based on value and vision, diffuse the culture, define clear and simple objectives, evaluate and measure.

Then the presentation will deal with how to engage the company team, shareholders, partners as the key factor of success.
The importance to build a team where people will love to work together and will broadcast the vision, value, culture throughout the company and to its partners; build a product or service that will make all the stakeholders proud to be part of it; Draw a bright future in which the project team and the other shareholders will be a key asset for success; make the transformation project team everyday tasks stimulating.

Evaluate and adapt all the way long.

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