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Dasha has a vast experience in establishing and developing communities around brands, as well as local city communities. She knows how to use social media tools, events and special projects to grow brand ambassadors, engage volunteers and launch powerful word of mouth.

Dasha Ilyashenko

Community Manager
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English, Russian
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Brand values

Entrepreneurship, Community / Networking, Marketing

Having your brand values defined helps to better connect with the right audience, shape your communication strategy and even improve the hiring process.
Let's learn:
- How to define internal and external values
- What's the difference between real and communicated values
- Who is the audience of the values
- What are the channels for communicating them
- Typical mistakes you want to avoid

Communication methods: techniques for engaging your community

Soft Skills, Community / Networking, Marketing

In his book "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion" Robert Cialdini described methodologies of pushing people to engage in specific activity, purchasing, advocating ideas.
Among them are social proof, consistency, liking and scarcity.
We will discuss how to use these powerful techniques for marketing and community management, and, of course, touch the topic of ethical correctness of this approach.

Your brand's Tone of Voice

Content, Marketing, Community / Networking, Soft Skills

Tone of Voice of your brand's communication is something that has a great influence on image and perception of it.
The right Tove on Voice can allow to connect with your target audience, build trust and even affection towards it, as well as irrelevant ToV can push your customers away.
Let's discuss:
- What Tove of Voice consists of
- How to choose it
- How to describe it and create proper guidelines for all your team to speak the same way

Community Management strategy

Community / Networking, Marketing, Business Development, Entrepreneurship

Community management is sometimes underestimated, but nevertheless powerful technique for marketing your project. It allows to stimulate Word of mouth (basically, free marketing), build a strong pool of brand advocates and supporters and improve retention.
On this talk I'll cover most important aspects of Community management and explain what you should think about when planning a long-term CM strategy.
- Choosing right goals and KPIs
- Brand Values
- Target Audience
- Choosing right channels
- Tone of voice
- Information partners & influencers
- Working with volunteers & ambassadors

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