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Wed, Jun 14


Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Tech Talks - Mastering Complex Systems

In-person meetup by Women on Stage, Powered by Cato Networks

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Tech Talks - Mastering Complex Systems
Tech Talks - Mastering Complex Systems

Time & Location

Jun 14, 2023, 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM GMT+3

Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Derech Menachem Begin 121, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel

About the event

Join Women on Stage Tech Talks - “Mastering Complex Systems”! Our physical meetup by Women on Stage, powered by Cato Networks!

**Note that the event will be in Hebrew and open to all genders.

Join us for Women on Stage Tech Talks! a series of engaging talks highlighting and celebrating leading technical women from Israel’s tech industry. Gain valuable insights, skills, and connections that can help you take your career in tech to the next level. You’ll get the chance to learn from industry experts, connect with like-minded peers, and build your skills and knowledge in a supportive and empowering environment.

If you’re eager for some professional and inspiring content and for some networking with top industry leaders, this is the event for you!


17:30-18:00 Gathering & Networking, Photo Booth to get your new LinkedIn picture

18:00-18:15 Welcoming Words - Moran Weber, CEO & Founder of Women on Stage and Sharon Halbani, Employer Branding @ Cato Networks

18:15-18:30 Yaara Sagie-Kotzer - From Chaos to Clarity: A Refactoring Project Journey

18:30-18:45 Yifat Levy - A Startup Within a Startup: Navigating the Challenges - How to Handle It All

18:45-19:45 Einat Mahat - Mastering System Design Interviews: Strategies and Insights

//From Chaos to Clarity: A Refactoring Project Journey

“I like this feature, but it’s too complex to use and the response times are too slow” - This was a complaint we constantly got from our customers.

“We have additional requirements and want to add more capabilities to this feature; how quickly can you add it to the pipeline?” - This was a common request we got from our product managers.

At some point, we realized that maintaining a painful component and building patches is simply not good enough, and if we want to make it all work - it’s time to refactor!

Join us in this talk as we delve into a refactoring journey of rewriting a React project to enhance its functionality. We'll explore the challenges of determining the right time to refactor while transitioning to the new project, and valuable lessons we learned along the way.

Yaara Sagie-Kotzer, Software Engineer @ Cato Networks:

Yaara is a seasoned software developer with over 10 years of experience in both backend and front-end development.

Yaara started her career as a backend developer and had a chance to work with various programming languages and technologies. Over time, she developed a keen interest in front-end development and decided to expand her skill set. Presently, she is a front-end developer at Cato Networks, building security features. She holds a BSc in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

When not working, Yaara loves to bake, read, do yoga, and spend time with her family.

//A Startup Within a Startup: Navigating the Challenges - How to Handle It All

Imagine stepping into a new position, where six months in, you find yourself entrusted with the challenge of building an entirely new project from scratch. With strict deadlines, many features to tackle, and an incomplete team, it feels like you’re starting a new startup within an existing startup.

Well, that's what happened to me. Not only did I work as a software developer on this project, but I also had the opportunity to lead the team for six months.

In this talk, I will share the story of my journey in this project and the challenges encountered by the team in adding new security capabilities to the Cato product stack. I will explore how you, on your next big project, can effectively navigate time constraints, evaluate technology options, and adapt to the evolving team composition.

Yifat Levy, Software Engineer @ Cato Networks:

Yifat Levy is a Software Engineer at the SaaS Security API team at Cato Networks, with several years of experience in the technology industry. Yifat is passionate about learning new skills and solving complex problems. She holds a B.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Management with a specialization in Information Systems, as well as a B.A in Economics from the Technion. 

Outside of work, she enjoys practicing yoga, functional and gym training to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. She also loves enriching her creative side by always experimenting and mastering new hobbies - such as baking and pottery.

//Mastering System Design Interviews: Strategies and Insights

System design interviews are a crucial component of technical interviews, evaluating an individual's ability to architect scalable and efficient software systems. Whether you're an interviewer seeking to assess candidates' skills, an interviewee preparing for upcoming technical discussions, or simply someone intrigued by the art of system design, this lecture offers valuable insights and strategies to enhance your understanding and problem-solving approach.

This session delves into the core concepts and knowledge required for system design interviews. We will explore fundamental principles, such as scalability, availability, and reliability by providing practical guidance on how to approach and tackle complex design problems. Drawing on real-world examples and industry best practices, we will discuss strategies for breaking down problems, structuring solutions, and effectively communicating your designs.

Einat Mahat, R&D Group Lead @ payoneer:

Einat has been mastering the engineering field for two decades. She has vast experience in scale and architecture challenges. Over the years, she took leadership roles and became an engineering manager whose passion is to develop people, software, and products. She mentors managers and developers and helps them in their professional growth and volunteers as a program manager at Baot, the largest community in Israel for women in R&D.

About Cato Networks:

Cato Networks is the first company to converge enterprise networking and security into one centralized and global service that is delivered by cloud. Cato’s unique technology inspired a brand-new product category, later named “SASE” by Gartner.

Cato Networks has raised $532 million dollars since 2015, achieving unicorn status with a valuation of $2.5 billion dollars, and Centaur status with over $100M in ARR.

With an incredible team and leadership, groundbreaking technology, and over 1500 enterprise customers across thousands of global locations, we are disrupting the $30B networking and security markets.

Come and join us!

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