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Siddhi’s ambition is to build an inclusive community with a focus on social innovation through the intersection between emerging technologies and creative minds.
Siddhi specialises in strategic, operational and technology-enabled business transformation. She co-founded Beyond Identity, to implement digital tools through the application of IOT, AI and blockchain enabled solutions. Her current projects are focused on identity management , genomics platform and supply chain in agri tech.
She has deep insight into developing apps and platforms within the healthcare sector,
and, regularly speaks on healthcare innovations at both local and international conferences.

siddhi trivedi

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Can also give an online talk/webinar


Leveraging Technology to deliver Universal Healthcare Cover

Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion, Community / Networking, Data / AI / ML, Business Development, Leadership, Women in Tech, Marketing, Content, Inspirational, HR, Soft Skills, Professional Development

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There is now an urgency to accelerate collaborative partnerships to fulfil the UN's Sustainable Goal 3 (SDG-3) where the world's Governments have pledged to provide Universal Healthcare Cover (UHC) by 2030.The first of half of this year has taken the world by storm, COVID-19 has brutally attacked our communities and stunted our economic growth leaving many without work, adequate healthcare provision and sadly lead to loss of lives including our most valued frontline staff.

Around half of the world’s population does not have access to essential health services and 100 million people are pushed into extreme poverty by the cost of healthcare. While government funding of healthcare is crucial, the private sector plays a vital role in increasing access to services and treatments through the application of innovative technology.

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