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A UX Researcher. Strategic Thinker. Customer and user advocate. Lifelong learner.

Shrut is a Cognitive Scientist and a UX Researcher who loves exploring the myriad complexities of human behavior & leveraging this understanding in creating user-centric, experiential, and inclusive global products/services.

With close to 8 years of combined experience in academic & product research, she is a Sr. Experience Researcher for Adobe Illustrator, shaping and driving the next evolution of the Illustrator ecosystem of products and GenAI in Illustrator.

From leading a team of researchers, and building a research function to being a hands-on learner in a corporate conglomerate, Shrut has been constantly making a resounding impact in challenging positions and fluidly taking on the roles of an industry thought leader, an accomplished researcher, and a learner at heart. She has achieved numerous national & international design awards & is also an avid speaker & guest lecturer delivering talks, masterclass webinars for Birmingham City University(UK), Kyoorius Design Yatra, SpeakIn, ADPList, GreenBook Events(US) among a few.

Shrut Kirti Saksena

Senior Experience Researcher
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English, Hindi
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San Francisco, United States
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Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


Holy Shift! : The role and impact of a UX Researcher over the years

UX / UI, Design, Professional Development

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In a recent survey ( looking at 100 Experience Researcher job postings in the US in 2021, it was found that collaboration (84%) and business acumen(scoping, translating business requirements, & influencing product strategy) was the most sought after requirements, other than the expected requirements of designing and conducting research studies (84%) for a UX Researcher. Also, it is no secret that there is now more demand for user insights than there are UX researchers in the industry.
This talk highlights the emerging demands of the industry from a UX Research role, elucidates why a change in perspective is required to meet these demands & how one could benefit from this perspective shift to grow into an experienced researcher: amplifying the impact of UX research and leveraging research soft-skills of collaboration, communication, connection, and influence to empower product teams & stakeholders

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Holy Shift! : The role and impact of a UX Researcher over the years







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