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Forbes Cover 30under30 2020 Israel.
Working with the division of identification and forensic sciences of Israeli Police,
Experienced entrepreneur in the filed of R&D with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceuticals industry and the Start-up community. Skilled in Managing and leading a Foodtech company, Chairman- Board of Directors, experience in working with investors and clients. Extensive experience in transferring scientific and managerial presentations and Pharmaceutical Research.
M.E. Biomedical Engineering.
B.Sc. Pharmaceutical Engineering.

Maya Ashkenazi Otmazgin

Founder of Mao FoodTECH | CEO & Founder of MAOLAC | Forbes Cover 30under30 2020
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English, Hebrew
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Haifa, Israel
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Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


A new area of techwomen & entrepreneur

Product, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Business Development, Community / Networking, Diversity and Inclusion, Women in Tech, Innovation, Inspirational

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An intellectual conversation from the "little girl" from Kiriat Ata who was raised as the middle child out of 5 sisters and grew up to found two start-up companies In food-tech and biomed, graduate with a Master's degree, built a career, all while becoming a mother (of two) and maintaining a day job. In my lecture I'll be discussing our ability as women to reach our full potential in a myriad of fields by incorporating many aspects of our daily lives/routine. Professional women entrepreneurs have the ability to lead and direct business systems while using emotional and rational intuition in an un-compromising manner. To understand how to place yourself in the front of the stage by self-empowering your innate characteristics and without adopting masculine traits. Thinking out side of the box, resolving difficulties creatively, rapidly adapting to new conditions in real time in a chameleon-like mechanism, are all principal components in your tool box for successful management and leaders

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A new area of techwomen & entrepreneur







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