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Currently Yi Luo is Head of Strategy at Earnd (Greensill). Previously, she was the founding Chief Strategy Officer of FreeUp, a Fintech startup that enables people to receive their salaries as soon as they have worked. Greensill acquired Freeup with SoftBank funds in 2019. Yi is also an angel investor and business mentor focusing on Fintech. She loves working from founders and doesn't mind rolling up her sleeves to get the work done!

Yi Luo

Head of Strategy | Fintech enthusiast | Angel investor
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English, Mandarin
London, United Kindom
Can also give an online talk/webinar


6 Facts to Know about Raising Money from Angel

Innovation, Entrepreneurship

Who are these angels and what motivates them to invest?
How do entrepreneurs find and engage angel investors effectively?
What are angels decision-making process may look like?
How do you close the right angels for your business?
How do you engage angels actively to help build your business?

Access to capital is a difficult aspect of starting and growing a venture. This talk focuses on tactical advice on how to raise money from angels to build a tech startup

Lessons I have learnt in my life

Diversity and Inclusion, Inspirational, Women in Tech

This is more about my unconventional career path, about working on both sides of the table as an investor and an entrepreneur, about finding work-life balance as a young mom in a fast-moving environment - it's about what lessons I learnt in my personal journey to get me who I am today.

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