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My story is called "When Business meets Social".

A strong HR background in leading Financial and Tech companies, including CEOs and Senior Managers consultation.

I've been using my vast HR knowledge and experience plus a great business understanding in a super unique program for occupational leadership of Ultra Orthodox Academic Women

This Chapter has opened my mind to learn deeply about Diversity and Inclusion.

I lecture in different forums about:
✨ How to write A Great Resume
💃Job Interview Preparation
🦸‍♀️The Double Glass Ceiling- with Chani Zisman, my Haredi Colleague, about Gender wage gaps & Cultural Gaps
💰Biased Economy- with Chani Zisman, about the prices we pay by following our own stereotypes.

Yael Leibovitz

HR Manager, Career Expert, Diversity Expert
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English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


The Double Glass Ceiling: Mind The Gap

Diversity and Inclusion, HR, Women in Tech, Inspirational

The Double Glass Ceiling: Mind The Gap

A bilingual dialogue between Chani Zisman, an ultra orthodox (Haredi) woman from Kiryat Sefer & Yael Leibovitz, a secular woman from Tel Aviv (Israel):
'The Double Glass Ceiling': about paradigms in a changing world of work,
about Glass walls & Ceilings, and about us.
Chani Zisman
• Head of Knowledge development and Strategic Management of Haredi (Ultra Orthodox) department at “Gesher Fund”, Jerusalem
• Previous: Group Instructor of an Occupational Leadership Program for Ultra Orthodox Women
• Ultra Orthodox
Yael Leibovitz
• HR Manager of a Tech-Consultation Company, Tel Aviv
• Previous: Group Instructor of an Occupational Leadership Program for Ultra Orthodox Women
• Secular

Thing you should know when you write a Resume!

HR, Women in Tech

If we understand recruiter's world better, our Resume would look a bit different.

You got the Power: Job Interview Preparation

HR, Women in Tech

Being a candidate does not mean we're being asked many questions an reply one by another.


We can do more than that!

Biased Economy

Diversity and Inclusion

A lecture with Chani Zisman, my Haredi Colleague.

About the prices we pay as individuals, organizations and society by following our biases and stereotypes without knowing.

A Business talk.

An Optimistic talk.

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