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Victoriya Kalmanovich is an SW team lead at Aspectiva - a Walmart company. She leads the fullstack team in creating new experiences based on the company's NLP and AI solutions. In her previous role she was a SW group lead in the navy's technological unit, where she specialized in healing work environments and leading innovative and broad processes throughout the organization. She is also a passionate technology and diversity speaker and a strong musicals enthusiast.

Victoriya Kalmanovich

SW Engineering Manager
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English, Hebrew
Herzeliya, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Interview skills I learned from Musicals

Software Engineering, Soft Skills, Inspirational, Leadership, Professional Development

We all know what software engineering interviews are about., But have you ever thought that these interviews could go hand in hand with... musicals?

In this talk we will see how concepts from the musical theatre can be useful when looking for a new job. Some of these concepts can help us better prepare for an interview, while others can help us find our strengths and make a bigger impact. All of the musical theatre concepts combined can help us get better at interviews and drive us to become better software engineers and managers.

The world is full of drama - let's add a spark to our job search!

How I Became a Better People Manager by Watching Musicals

Software Engineering, Soft Skills, Professional Development, Inspirational, Leadership, Innovation

Yes, we're all great software managers. But have you ever thought that you can become an even greater people manager by watching... musicals?

In this talk, we will see how concepts from the musical theatre can be useful for software managers. These concepts can encourage us with finding our unique managerial voice, better understand our people and the people we work with and lead us towards the best path for growth within our teams and companies.

The world is full of drama - let's add some spark to our management jobs!

Top Skills for a Post Acquisition World

Software Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Inspirational

Was the startup you worked at acquired by a corporation? This talk is for you.
Some startups get the chance to be acquired and gain the prestigious "post acquisition" status. But what happens with the employees and products?
Join me for top skills of when startup mode and corporate mode meet.

Building bias-aware environments

Inspirational, Women in Tech, Diversity and Inclusion, Software Engineering, Soft Skills, Professional Development

Onboarding new members into an engineering team is not easy on anyone. In a short period of time, the new team member is required to be able to bring professional value and become an impactful member on the one hand, and on the other hand — to be an integral part of the team’s and the company’s culture.

In this talk Victoriya provides tips and examples on how to build a bottom up bias-aware environment, where new team members will feel welcome from the moment the hiring process begins and all the way up to promotions. Let's build great environments which will allow our engineers focus on doing great engineering in a great environment!

Predictive Maintenance - How Does Data Science Revolutionize the World of Machines?

Software Engineering, Data / AI / ML, Business Development, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Inspirational

In today's world of machines, there are two leading maintenance techniques to support a standard machine lifecycle. Predictive maintenance revolutionizes the future of machines. It tracks each of the machines' unique lifecycle and doesn't generalize. It allows us to know if our machines need to be attended to in advance.
In this talk, I will share a special maritime case study and discusses the big promise of predictive maintenance. In a world full of machines, we need to be the bridge connecting the methods of the past to the opportunities of the future.

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