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With significant experience of 20+years in leadership, organizational development and Human Resource management in the corporate world (including a unique business leadership program in Silicon Valley, CA), working with global companies from the public and private sectors, as well as industrial and hi-tech companies, Vered utilizes her expertise supporting organizations conducting leadership development training courses, managerial counselling & mentoring and accompanying organizational development processes and changes; she also guides individuals with career development, interview preparation and personal coaching to accomplish long term goals.

Vered Solan

Executive Coach | Organization Development Consultant | Career Coach | Public Speaker
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English, Hebrew
Kadima-Tzoran, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


The art of an effective presentation

Soft Skills, Leadership, Business Development, Marketing, HR, Professional Development

An interactive talk aimed at giving both theoretical and practical knowledge, to hack the secrets to an effective presentation.
Whether you have a one-one-one presentation or are getting ready to talk in front of a big group; whether you’re talking to customers, buyers, investors, or if you simply want to learn how to effectively get your point across and tell your story – this workshop will touch upon all of these.
More specifically we will discuss:
- Model for effective presentation phases
- Body language
- How to handle stage fright
- The elevator Pitch
- The importance of storytelling

Video interviews – how to recruit and screen effectively from a distance?

Soft Skills, Professional Development, HR, Leadership, Women in Tech

These days, recruiting and screening via video has become a practice not used solely by international companies, but a solution for more and more companies hiring during social distancing. As conducting interviews this way has its own set of unique challenges, it has become a skill worth honing.
This talk is aimed at providing managers and professionals with extensive tools to prepare you for conducting online video interviews as part of the recruitment and screening process.
We will learn how to conduct an effective, well-rounded interview in order to make the best recruitment decision.
We will discuss:
- Golden rules of effective video interviewing
- Advantages of video interviewing and how to tilt them in your favor
- Setting good recruitment goal
- Defining the right candidate profile
- Creativity in video interviewing
- Chemistry, rapport and creating an informal personal dynamic
- Basic body language principles
- Common biases and skews

Effective interpersonal communication- How should we do it right?

Soft Skills, Professional Development, Business Development, Leadership, Marketing, HR, Entrepreneurship

Communication is key, in life and in business. This workshop aims to develop the ability to have effective interactions with others, improve your listening skills, and provide you with coping strategies when facing gaps in communication styles.
We will touch on:
- Mapping communication in the organizational unit, setting proper goals
- Interpersonal communication kinks and issues
- Effective listening skills, empathy and mirroring
- Communication styles and rapport
- Getting your point across effectively and the importance of body language
- Simulations, mirroring and tips

Be prepared – how to effectively prepare yourself for a job interview

Soft Skills, Professional Development, HR, Women in Tech, Marketing, Leadership

A job interview can be a difficult roadblock on our way to getting that desired position. It can be stressful and disheartening, and so requires that we hone some skills, gather some professional tools and most of all – practice.
Being prepared and confident, knowing what to expect, how to navigate obstacles and how to communicate effectively, can make all the difference in today's challenging employment world. Being effectively prepared for the recruitment process dramatically enhances your chances to successfully land that dream job.
In this workshop we will learn:
- Creative answers & techniques for self-presentation
- Avoiding pitfalls and expecting the unexpected
- Getting into the interviewer’s head, understanding the employer’s needs
- Common candidate mistakes
- Do’s and Don’ts
- Importance of communication skills & body language
- Pointers for video interviews
- Identifying your own Unique Selling Point

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