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Vered is an entrepreneur, business development expert, and product specialist, as well as a leading voice in the women-led startup ecosystem in Israel. Vered founded and served as CEO of MusicianPro, a groundbreaking AI-driven professional educational platform for music teachers and students, leading the company from concept to a successful launch, fully bootstrapped!
Previously, Vered spearheaded numerous strategic projects for well-known Israeli corporations (Isracard, Shufersal, Menora Mivtachim) from vision and strategy to tech solutions scouting and implementation.
Vered’s talks are inspiring and professional spiced with humor in good taste that fit both for large conferences and intimate gatherings.

Vered Isman

CEO & Founder
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English, Hebrew
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Givatayim, Israel
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Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


How to find a TECH co-founder? the holy grail of non-technological entrepreneurs

Soft Skills, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Inspirational

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Every first-time non-technological sole entrepreneur is hoping to find someone who would lead the tech side of the venture and function as CTO.
Usually, it happens at a VERY early stage when only a concept and vision are clear and the rest is shrouded in fog. Funding is far on the horizon and the only compensation the entrepreneur can offer is a slice of a promise, that hopefully would be worth much in the future.
I was there.
But eventually, I found not 1, but 2 co-founders with technological knowledge that joined my journey. It wasn't by accident, it happened because I mastered the art of recruiting co-founders! After 3 years together (and counting) and following a successful launch - it is proof we made the right choice.
At this talk, I'll speak about all stages of co-founder hunting. Starting with defining the correct profile, through the search process, to the negotiation that will seal the deal.

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How to find a TECH co-founder? the holy grail of non-technological entrepreneurs







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