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Tamara Adlin is the President of Adlin, Inc, a one-woman Customer Experience Strategy consulting company in Seattle, WA. She works with companies trying to act like startups, where she brings customer focus to the business teams and business savvy to the design teams.  She co-authored the Persona Lifecycle books and has become a champion of user-focused Executive Alignment. Tamara helped bring new user-centered design methods to Amazon as a UX team lead from 2002-2005. Since then, she has consulted with dozens of startups and large companies from Apple to Zillow and international organizations like the United Nations. Tamara has a MS in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington.

Tamara Adlin

President, Adlin, Inc.
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Seattle, United States
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Executive Alignment in Five Conversations

UX / UI, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Innovation, Soft Skills, Design, Product

Most executive teams look aligned from the outside. Inside, it’s another story: you’re all playing a high-stakes game of telephone. Misalignment rolls downhill and snowballs into confusion throughout your organization and turns into product or service problems that drive your customers crazy (and often drive them away). Luckily, executive alignment is just five conversations away.

Career Badassery: Negotiate the Salary and Title you deserve

Soft Skills, Professional Development, UX / UI, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Women in Tech

No cavalry is coming. We have to solve pay inequity and title ceilings ourselves, and that’s going to take more than researching salary ranges and tweaking resumes. This talk covers is an atypical, highly practical set of strategies to help women get over their fear of negotiating and help them become advocates for their own career development. Full of classic hits like ‘be brave for 10 seconds,’ ‘job descriptions are big dumb bullies,’ ‘say the number and STFU,’ and ‘titles always matter.’

Custom presentation: personas

UX / UI, Design, Product, Diversity and Inclusion, Content, Marketing, Innovation

Personas barged into the UX and software scene in 1999. Since then, they've been used, misused, misunderstood, reimagined, forgotten, rediscovered, abused, victorious, and everything in between. I've been steeped in personas for over 20 years, co-authored the Persona Lifecycle books, and invented a new Alignment Persona method that actually works. If you want to know anything about personas, including why they may not be working well and why they're still so valuable, contact me and we can customize a talk or workshop for your event.

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