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Tamar Yacobi is a Senior Algorithm Engineer in the Air Quality Algorithm team at BreezoMeter.
She is researching and developing environmental algorithms, to spatially and temporally model air quality levels, using mathematics, statistics, and ML methods.
Tamar has a B.Sc. & M.Sc. degrees in Environmental Engineering, and she is excited to solve algorithmic problems that make the world a better place.
In her free time, Tamar enjoys spending time with her family, and occasionally a challenging escape room.

Tamar Yacobi

Senior Algorithm Engineer
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English, Hebrew
Haifa, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


How SW-Algo Integrated Teams Help Us to Improve the Health of Billions Worldwide

Software Engineering, Data / AI / ML

While most algorithm teams work separately from the software teams, at BreezoMeter we have integrated teams that include both algorithm and software engineers.
These teams are responsible for the full cycle of algorithm development: starting with the research phase on how to solve environmental problems using mathematics and ML methods; and ending with the implementation to a full scale working system in production.

In this talk, Tamar will present how these multidisciplinary teams function, what is the separation of duties, and why it is a successful and recommended team composition.
We will also discuss whether this team’s composition can fit data science and ML teams.

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