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Tamar is an industrial and management engineer from the Technion with an MBA, specializing in international marketing. As a student she worked at one of the first Internet companies - explaining to customers about future Internet uses. After more than 15 years of experience in global operations at Medical Device and five years of international marketing in senior positions, Tamar came full circle and returned to the virtual world of social networking.
In the marketing world, Tamar brings with her all the experience in the operation - scheduling, monitoring and measurement of results - specializing in planning, executing projects and optimizing ad campaigns. As a believer in useful knowledge - Tamar's talks are filled with practical takeaways and step by step explanations.

Tamar Naveh-Koren

LinkedIn & Social Media Personalized Marketing Expert
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English, Hebrew
Or Akiva, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


לינקדאין ככלי לחיפוש עבודה: סדנא לקהל מחפשי עבודה


קהל מטרה:
אקדמאים או סטודנטים המחפשים להשתמש בליקדאין לחיפוש עבודה.
ידע המוקדם בלינקדאין לא נדרש – נדרש שלכל משתתף יהיה מחשב ורשת אינטרנט.
הרצאה קצרה הנותנת מעבר על הכלי וחומר להמשך עבודה עצמאית.

לינקדאין - תוכן:
- הסבר קצר על מה זה לינקדאין
- מעבר על שלב בניית הנוכחות – פרופיל מלא ואיכותי.
- עבודה בלינקדאין – קשרים, קבוצות, חברות משרות.
- הסבר על כלי החיפוש הממוקד בלינקדאין. דוגמא.
- לסיכום המשתתפים יוצאים עם פרופיל ותוכנית עבודה ברורה להתחלת עבודה.

Selling with LinkedIn – A Powerful and Practical Tool


Social networks in general and LinkedIn in particular, provide a powerful tool to promote a brand or service to a targeted large international audience.

Using LinkedIn the Marketing and Sales force can:
• Increasing awareness in a targeted audience
• Educate and engage
• Find targeted leads
• Connect and start a conversation with prospects

However, lack of knowledge often leads to wasted time and money on social networks – a setback that can be prevented with a relatively short training. This lecture comes to answer this need with a very practical focus – using LinkedIn as a practical sales tool.

Target audience:
People who want to use LinkedIn for this specific purpose – finding, researching and contacting leads for selling.
Prior LinkedIn knowledge is not required. The lecture will benefit experienced users and beginners. Beginners may need additional guidance to reach full implementation.

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