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A former Head of Loyalty for a large international business, Sophie is passionate about people first, human-centred organisations. Sophie works with founders, scale-ups and established organisations to design customer propositions that resonate and make them proud. She helps create inspiring and action-orientated commercial roadmaps that place employees and customers at their heart, to drive customer loyalty, improve customer experiences and transform their business. In her latest venture, she uses the transformative power of play to bring to life organisations’ customer focus by facilitating the Customer experience Game (CX Game).
Sophie holds an MA in International Business and Management. She is a founder, consultant, mentor, facilitator and speaker.

Sophie Segal

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English, French
London - Reading, UK
Can also give an online talk/webinar


The Customer Experience Game Workshop

Marketing, Innovation, Inspirational, Soft Skills, Leadership

Imagine a world that uses the transformative power of play to shift mindset, bring to life customer focus and drive better result for your business.

The Customer Experience Game (CX Game) does just that! It is designed for people at all levels and in any role. It bridges silos, creates empathy and brings your employees together around a single focus:
- How do you listen to your customers and share the customer's voice in your organisation?
- How do you ensure constant brand awareness across the entire customer journey?
- How do you involve your employees and HR to create a customer-centric culture?

This facilitated board game is a fun and interactive workshop to play with all your colleagues. They share, learn and realise what they can do themselves to create better customer experiences at all stages of the customer journey.
Insightful. Playful. Actionable. It's time to experience the difference!

The Game can be played in a socially distanced way :).

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