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Sivan Biham is a Computer Vision Researcher and Algorithm Developer in Healthy.io, where she works on healthcare-related products, taking them all the way from the algorithm design stage to a fully implemented product with thousands of users across the world.
Sivan holds an M.Sc. in computer science from Weizmann Institute with a specialization in Computer Vision and Deep Learning, and a B.Sc. in both Computer Science and Neuroscience from Bar Ilan University.
She is enthusiastic about improving people's health and life by using her algorithmic skills and knowledge. As part of her daily work, Sivan emphasizes designing and implementing maintainable and modular algorithms, with software architecture principles in mind. In her spare time, she loves to run practice yoga.

Sivan Biham

Computer Vision Researcher
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English, Hebrew
Ramat Gan, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


The Unspoken Relationship - Product Managers & Data Scientists

Data / AI / ML, Product, Soft Skills

Everyone talks about the relationship between product managers and the development team, but did you ever hear anyone talk about the relationship between product managers and the data science team? Maybe it’s time to start!
In this talk, Sivan will shed some light on this unspoken subject and explain what are the unique challenges of data scientist-product managers interactions. Drawing on her experience as an algorithm researcher in a product-oriented startup, and insights from working in a cross-platform team that includes product managers, developers, and data scientists, she will help you build a better product-data science relationship in your organization.

Quality Over Quantity - The Secret Behind Active Learning

Data / AI / ML

We all face the never-ending chase to collect more and more labeled data for training our models. What if the real story is not just the data volume, but its quality? What if I tell you that by collecting your labeled data wisely, you can not only use fewer data samples, which save time and money but also achieve equivalent or better performance levels? That's the secret of Active Learning.
In this talk, Sivan will present the Active Learning field. She will introduce the key concepts and how they can help you to improve your data collection process. As the active learning developer in her team, she will share tips for choosing a suitable active learning approach for your task.

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