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A UX Researcher. Strategic Thinker. Customer and user advocate. Lifelong learner.

Shrut is a Cognitive Scientist and a UX Researcher who loves exploring the myriad complexities of human behavior & leveraging this understanding in creating user-centric, experiential, and inclusive global products/services.

Being a Cognitive & Neuroscience graduate, she always wanted to be more than an academic researcher, and thus, transitioned her career to UX Research. With close to 6 years of combined experience in academic & product research, she is a Sr. Experience Researcher for Adobe’s Creative Cloud & Emerging Products team, shaping and driving the next evolution of the Creative Cloud(CC) suite of products. With team and collaboration being the heart of her research focus, she has been partnering

Shrut Kirti Saksena

Senior Experience Researcher
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English, Hindi
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Noida, India
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Can also give an online talk/webinar
Paid only. Contact speaker for pricing!


Holy Shift! : The role and impact of a UX Researcher over the years

UX / UI, Design, Professional Development

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In a recent survey ( looking at 100 Experience Researcher job postings in the US in 2021, it was found that collaboration (84%) and business acumen(scoping, translating business requirements, & influencing product strategy) was the most sought after requirements, other than the expected requirements of designing and conducting research studies (84%) for a UX Researcher. Also, it is no secret that there is now more demand for user insights than there are UX researchers in the industry.
This talk highlights the emerging demands of the industry from a UX Research role, elucidates why a change in perspective is required to meet these demands & how one could benefit from this perspective shift to grow into an experienced researcher: amplifying the impact of UX research and leveraging research soft-skills of collaboration, communication, connection, and influence to empower product teams & stakeholders.

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Holy Shift! : The role and impact of a UX Researcher over the years







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