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As a Talent Experience Strategist, part of a global team, Shira is designing and implementing strategic Recruitment Marketing solutions that provide the best user experience for candidates, hiring managers and recruiters, as these attract great talents, connects them to exciting opportunities and converts them to exceptional members of the Intel family.

Experienced in-
• Talent acquisition & recruitment marketing program manager
• User experience researcher
• Design thinking & service design lead
• Industry trendspotting and trendsetting

Shira was also part of the Intel Ingenuity Partner Program, a strategic partnership program for selected startups were she was working on communication and PR.

Co-founder of "SDI" Israeli service design community with more than 500 designers

Shira Ben Cohen

Talent Experience Strategist
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Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Using Service Design to shape the future of Talent Acquisition — A new approach that puts the experience first

HR, Design, UX / UI, Business Development, Innovation

How we shaped our talent acquisition at Intel using design thinking methodology

My quest. My inspiration. My story of introducing service design

UX / UI, Design, Innovation, HR

My journey to introduced service design to Intel

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