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Shir Matishevski is a Senior Full Stack Engineer, who's been programming from before she knew what it was!
Since building her first website as a kid, it was always about the wonderful world of creativity that made her stick to software creation.
Besides building software that facilitates real needs, Shir leads the Software side projects program called 30Hours in Baot.
When she's not coding, you can find her either meditating or dancing, sometimes both.

Shir Matishevski

Senior Full Stack Web Developer
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English, Hebrew
Binyamina, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Behind the Scenes of Chrome Extensions

Software Engineering, Frontend, UX / UI, Backend

Have you ever downloaded a chrome extension?
(you probably have!)
But have you ever written one?
* Sigh.*

In this talk, I’ll present to you some behind-the-scenes of how Chrome extensions work - both the powerful capabilities that come with it and the struggles of writing code that runs on other websites.
We’ll dive deeper into the infrastructure of extensions and the Messaging technology.
I’ll provide a short and sweet demonstration of the many options that chrome extensions bring to the table.

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