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Product management leader- podcaster, speaker & mentor.
Passionate for creating measurable, high-end, delightful experiences that move the needle and make an impact.

Shelly Shmurack

Data & AI Product Manager
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English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Guerilla Data Research

UX / UI, Design, Product, Business Development, Marketing, Content, Data / AI / ML

We all aim to be data driven professionals. This is not always an easy task,
The talk will go over a set of specific tools (and skills) of collecting data from open web related sources resourcefully. Learning the most important pillars in guerilla research, how to cross reference information, come up with assumptions and dig deeper in order to learn meaningful insights about our product, market, users etc.

The Dark Side Of User Interviews: Lessons Learned From Wrongful Convictions

Soft Skills, UX / UI, Design, Product, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, HR

Approximately 25% of the wrongfully convicted confessed to a crime (later proven) they did not commit. If the human mind is so prone even at grave risk to their own freedom, think about the impact of these biases on lesser life changing occasions.

As product professionals we try to talk and interview our users as often as possible in order to better learn about their pains, needs, behaviors and mental models.

But if we are not aware of the risks, we might end up getting some ‘false confessions’. These false confessions could skew our results and potentially derail us to the wrong directions completely. And by doing so, setting up our product, and even our company, for failure.

Trust Me, I'm An Algorithm

Data / AI / ML, Product, Design, UX / UI, Diversity and Inclusion, Women in Tech

We are dreadful from the machines we are so addicted by, paranoid from them following us and knowing everything about us.
The talk scans main elements in the psychology of trust and suggests key user experience ideas & methods to create it and overcome user objections even before they occur in.

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