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Graduate, Harvard College and Harvard Law. Began career as a Wall Street attorney before turning to philanthropy and non-profit tech over a decade ago. Has represented banks, philanthropists and progressive non-profits. Designed and launched NGOsource, a service focused on international grant making. Most recently, Vice-President, Strategic Alliances and General Counsel, TechSoup, the global social enterprise that has connected civil society organizations around the world with over $9 billion in donated tech-based resources.
Topics: equity and bias in tech, blockchain, digital assets, data governance, data policy, global tech policy, tech ethics, data ethics, tech governance

Sheila Warren

Executive Committee, World Economic Forum
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San Francisco, USA
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Using Your Voice

Diversity and Inclusion, Women in Tech, Inspirational, Professional Development

Sheila Warren has spent her career using her voice to help address blind spots in law and technology. Hear the powerful story of her journey from Wall Street to Silicon Valley to the World Economic Forum, and leave inspired to effect change in your own community.

How to Build Multistakeholder Coalitions

Professional Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Design, Soft Skills, General

The World Economic Forum has significant expertise in building multistakeholder coalitions to effect technology policy. Learn tips and tricks for how to make this challenging work more likely to succeed.

Digital Currency

General, Content

Digital currency is on the horizon- hear the latest from one of the world's foremost experts, who runs the Digital Currency Governance Consortium at the World Economic Forum.

Tech Equity

Women in Tech, Diversity and Inclusion, Inspirational, General

Achieving equity in tech goes well beyond individual corporate HR practices. How can we address inequity in our systems, beyond the silos we inhabit?

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