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Shani leads the Product team at Minute Media and is passionate about creating nurturing and effective work environments, building innovative products that scale, and finding simple solutions for complex problems.  
Shani has been building products for publishers for over 8 years, creating tools and experiences that empower their growth in times of uncertainty and instability in the media world.

Shani Merdler

VP Product
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English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Moving from B2C to B2B(2C)


Transitioning from B2C to B2B has cross-department implications on the organization. This reminds us that our work as product managers goes beyond the product as we tend to think of. In my talk, I would like to speak about the transition we've made at Minute Media from a B2C to a B2B(2C) company, the challenges we were not expecting and what you and your organization should know to make this transition successfully.

Dealing with the fear to stand out and lead

Professional Development, Women in Tech, Leadership, Inspirational

No one knows you better than youself - your strengths, weaknesses, abilities and aspirations. If you feel that the fear of failure is stopping from fullfilling yourself and leading - this workshop is for you.

In the workshop, we will get acquainted with a practical approach to fulfilling our aspirations and will receive the toolset for building an action plan.

Leading Your Way Forward

Professional Development, Leadership, Soft Skills, Inspirational, Women in Tech

No one knows you better than yourself - your strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and aspirations. But sometimes, you're left behind because the fear of failing is stopping you from fulfilling yourself. You keep doubting yourself, where in fact, you should be leading. I think that you can do better, that you are better than your current status and better than the way people perceive you. I know this because I was once like you.
In this talk, I tell my personal journey starting as a QA Engineer and becoming a VP Product in a leading startup within just a few years. I will share my observations and practical tools that helped me move up the ladder and discover self-fulfillment in a way that will inspire you to go out of your comfort zone, and climb up the ladder yourself, while building your action plan.

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