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Sarit Roizman is a manufacturing engineer at Given Imaging – a Medtronic company.
Sarit holds a B.SC in Chemical Engineering and is an experienced manufacturing engineer.
Her background and interests in these areas led her to focus on improving the connection between chemical engineering and the medical industry.
Sarit has a unique vision of the industry as she works with both the production floor and the engineering team for the same purpose - improving the product and the production process.
In her free time, Sarit volunteers at "Paamonim", a non-profit that aims to help people achieve economic independence.

Sarit Roizman

Manufacturing Engineer
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English, Hebrew
Haifa, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


Viva Lá Revolution 4.0 - The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Innovation, Business Development, Inspirational, Product, Data / AI / ML

From the first handmade stone tools to production of millions of nanochips per day, mankind has constantly strived to improve manufacturing processes.
Steam power, electricity, computers, and internet distribution, along with major developments in machinery and production lines, have brought us the 1st, 2nd and 3rd industrial revolutions.
Production capacity has grown rapidly and factories have stepped forward to the forefront of technology, but with great new industrial power come great new challenges.
Now, advanced microsensors, ultra-fast wireless connectivity, cloud computing, and advanced AI and ML tools allow us to face these challenges by gathering and refining manufacturing data into invaluable insights, announcing the world its next industrial revolution - the information revolution.
In her talk, Sarit will present her unique point of view as a manufacturing engineer, on how the Industry 4.0 revolution combines machines, data, and humans into one holistic production unit.

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