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Founder and CEO of TalkMaster - school for lecturers and public speaking.
Highly experienced lecturer and speakers' mentor.
Has given thousands of hours of lectures and workshops. Specializes in storytelling, message conveying and adding spice into presentations.
Major in the IDF reserves, MA in Organizational Development, BA in Psychology, Diploma in Positive Psychology, NLP and Phototherapy.
Previously founded a photography studio specializing in portraits. Guided and led extreme excursions to Lapland and Burma.

Rotem Shavit

CEO @TalkMaster, lecturer and speakers' mentor ️
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English, Hebrew
Tel Aviv, Israel
Can also give an online talk/webinar


"What’s your story?" - The Art of Storytelling

Soft Skills, Professional Development, Leadership, Inspirational, Entrepreneurship, Marketing

When a good idea can change lives or launch a career, the ability to tell it well to your audience, customer, employee or team - is a crucial ability for success. In a lecture spiced with stories, we will discover important tools for finding, planning and telling a short story in order to fascinate, touch and convince those who hear us.

Amaze your audience - Toolbox for conveying excellent messages

Soft Skills, Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Inspirational

The ability to speak in front of an audience is the most influential ability in the world. In this lecture, we will gain a rich toolbox to upgrade our performance in front of an audience, from one person to hundreds or thousands. How to feel confident and speak with an impressive and fascinating presence, how to convey an accurate message in a way that people will want to hear us, and how to stand out and create a great first (but not only) impression.

Zoom In on delivering great video presentations

Soft Skills, Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Let's discover how to deliver and manage a Zoom meeting/presentation in a sweeping and fascinating way. How to create a strong connection with the participants, engage and excite them. How to leave a mark without being together in the same room and other important tips for conveying messages and speaking in front of an audience, from home.

First impression and Self-presentation designed to make us stand out

Soft Skills, Professional Development, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Inspirational

What a first impression is, and what it consists of. How we can influence the impression we create, how to present ourselves in an intriguing and memorable way and how to make those we meet curious about us and want to connect and work with us.

A Surprising Presentation about Surprising Presentation - Attractive Message-conveying

Soft Skills, Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Inspirational

In times in which we are exposed to so many stimuli at any given moment, our biggest challenge as speakers is to grab and maintain our listeners' attention. To rise above all noises, we must convey messages in an attractive way and make our content memorable and experiential. In this lecture, we will discover how to differentiate ourselves within the sequence of speakers and leave a mark, how to maintain high audience attention throughout our presentations, and how to create an unforgettable experience for the audience.

How to Speak So That People Want to Listen? For Women Who Want to Make a Difference

Soft Skills, Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Women in Tech, Inspirational

In the greatest speeches of all time, you will have a hard time finding speeches given by women. This is not surprising, given that in the past, women were more encouraged to show themselves and less to make their voices heard.
In this fun and inspirational lecture, full of practical tools that you can apply today, we will discover what was great in speeches of women who influenced history, how to make our voice heard, so that the audience (from one person to thousands) will want to hear more and how to do it in a fascinating, feminine and confident way.
A lecture that will inspire you to speak up and will give you the tools to speak great.

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